The Burn

This area of the valley is terrifying, not because of unknown dangerous creatures but because of the constant reminder that fire is no friend. There is a lingering smell of past fire damage, while with every step you will find even more fire damage. Wolves avoid the area, birds stick mostly to the edges... How often has this place burned? When will it burn again?
— Sicabe of the Hollowguard

Former farmlands, the Burn is an area that burned down all of a sudden before the valley fell. While the fire was stopped from advancing on the capital and fishing village, the area was abandoned afterwards. Worse, signs suggest that the fires have repeatedly. This means the area is a threat and should be avoided at all costs.
West of the capital forest
Relevant areas/buildings
They say the fall of the valley started with a town burning down alongside the most fertile farmlands. While contained, the fire still raged for years and years. It seems that even now, the area still burns from time to time. What if it happens at the wrong time and undoes all our hard work?

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