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Sir Robinridge

Commander of the Wooden Shields, Sir Robinridge is a knight famous for caring solely about the people. He has no noticable loyalty to any noble family, not even his own. Those who know him well, do know he has a sweet spot for many, but he never lets that get in the way of his impartiality.   There are multiple kinds of people that look down on Sir Robinridge. Some think him being a second child that ventured out, means he is a failure as a noble. Some claim impartiality is a sign of weakness. And others believe that being impartial means he would never dare intervene.   They're all fools. He chose this life, and his family is proud of the decisions he made. He is impartial not because of not daring to pick a side, but because he focuses on the people. And if you endanger his wards, he will gladly end you.
Information from Crow's Nest
Allard Robinridge
Second child of Dame Robinridge
(Withdrawn from succession)


Sir Robinridge is fit and trained with a large variety of weapons. Any weapon he may command his troops to wield, he has at least a good foundation with. His weapon of choice is a Guisarme, combined with a buckler for flexibility. While he normally rides on horseback, he also fights well dismounted.   His survival skills are also excellent. While there's plenty of specialists that are better at various aspects, he is a proper jack-of-all-trades. This lets him complement any group's composition and properly lead, as he actually understands what he asks his troops to do.
As mentioned, some take Sir Robinridge's impartiality as a sign of weakness. This could not be further from the truth. He joined the Wooden Shields to stay away from noble power struggles, so that he could never be used as a weapon against his older sister.   Despite all the contempt he faced, he never faltered in his training or his ideals. This is a man who truly believes in all the work he does, protecting the people by riding forth to take on all kinds of creatures. He spreads his knowledge to all in need, because the safety of the people is what he cares about, not snobbish elite attitudes.


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