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The Urskoga Library

Hey, let's go and hang at the library.
— A teen to another
Urskoga Library is a combined school and public library. The library sits next to Viljaskolan on what is considered the school grounds.  


It’s a picturesque two-story building in stark contrast to the larger bland and boring modern three-story school building standing next to it.  
The building is rectangular with an entrance at one of the short ends. In the front part of the library is the children’s section and the reception. In the back of the building is a staircase to the floor above, a section for teenagers and one out of two computer rooms. These two rooms have 10 computers each that can be borrowed by those in town who do not have a computer of their own. Well, even if you do have a computer you can borrow one. But it's mostly the teenagers who don't have one at home for various reasons that borrow them.
Opening Hours
Weekdays: 7-11 am and 1-9pm
Saturday: 10am - 8 pm
Sunday: Closed
  On the second floor closest to the stairway is the second computer room and two group rooms that can be borrowed. Next to these is the section for teenage books, after that sits the young adult section, the section with foreign languages and the adult section. This library does not have a very big selection of books but it can always borrow from the other public libraries in Sweden.  


This building was built in 1842. In that year the government decided that all people had to have access to public school. This was the towns first school building. 86 years ago, in 1936 a larger school needed to be built. The new school building was built right next to this building and this building was thus turned into a library after a rebellion to save the building.  

Visitors and workers

The visitors to the library are usually students or the elderly. The group rooms and the computer rooms are mostly used by teenagers for a place to hang out. While the elderly chat with each other and rest in a set of couches and coffee tables in the adult section.   There are currently 3 full time employees, 2 part time employees and 2 employees that work when they are needed.


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Dec 9, 2022 10:16

I rather like this charming small-town library and would like to enquire into the hosting of a board game night, or possibly starting a TTRPG group with the elderly folks there.   If more gets added please let me know. As always, your articles are a delight to read.

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