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The Undergrounds

A being that rests beneath Urskoga? From who did you hear that rumor??
  This region rests beneath the town of Urskoga and is partially adjacent to and below the sewerage system.  


The main population of the town is unaware of the presence of the Undergrounds. Only a couple of small groups, the majority of them connected to the government, are aware of the location. Even fewer of these groups know how to get down into the underground. Out of these few groups only a couple people are aware that an ancient being is resting in the region's deepest recesses.  


The Undergrounds is partly a natural cave system and partly created by supernatural hands. While the natural tunnels extend far below, those that were created supernaturally link to the Church of Urskoga's basement. A couple of the natural tunnels lead to exits out in the forests around the town.   The chambers and tunnels that were created supernaturally are tidy and well-lit. These tunnels are maintained by the groups, who use them for a variety of purposes. People take care of these tunnels and they are used for various things by different groups. Some groups are even unaware of each other's existance or that they have access to this region.   The natural caves that even fewer people know about are unkept. There has been efforts made to clean up the tunnels and chambers but the few people privy to these areas have never manged to keep up since various species of persistent plants and animals live here.  


Only a couple of people know the entire history of this place. One person knows most of the history of this area because they had been alive for a very long time and a couple of other people because they either know this person. While the other few know the history of this place because they have read about it in books that only they have access to.    
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