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The Hidden Library

Hey, wanna head to the library? I wanna have a look at Rickard's tome again for a spell...
— One witch to another
This is a library and meeting place for all the witches residing in or visiting the town of Urskoga and it’s vicinity. There are several other meeting places for witches in town but this building also houses grimoires from old witches and other rare books that most witches like to look at.  


This building is located in the old part of downtown Urskoga. It looks like a regular three-story residential building on the outside. It blends in well with the two residential buildings on either side of it. The building on its left side has a pizzeria on the ground floor and apartments on the other two floors while the building on the right side has a small café.  
The building's exterior is reddish bricks and the window frames are white. The windows on the ground floor always have their curtains shut. Though, there are picture frames, flowers, and clay figurines in the window that makes it look like a regular apartment.
Opening Hours:
Every day 7am - 11pm
  Inside the door is a manned area where visitors are expected to drop off their outerwear and any kind of food items that they could be carrying. Clean gloves for handling old books can also be borrowed here. Here non witches are also turned away. This area also houses the staircase up to the other two floors. The layout of all three floors looks the same. After the room with the staircase is a hallway with an info desk where visitors can also borrow the books that the library lends out. Around 65% of the books can be borrowed, the rest can only be read while visiting the library. The bottom floor contains general books, mostly for beginners while the other two floors are more protected because the books on them are either unique or somehow "dangerous".   All floors have a couple of reading rooms, a couple of areas with armchairs and coffee tables, and librarians that will glare at you if you breathe too loudly.  


Even the witches are unsure how long this building has been a library. The only thing known is that it didn't always use to be one. An old witch used to live in this building until her death. In her will she asked the council to turn her building into a library. At least that is how the rumors go.  

Visitors and workers

Only witches visit this library. There are quite a few witches from other places in Sweden that visit the library. As far as the witches in Urskoga know there are other libraries across the world similar to this one. Apparently, a witch that has recently returned to Urskoga has visited other libraries across the world. Some witches in the town in intimidated by this.   Witches aren't the only ones who work in this library, there are also a couple of werewolves and vampires employed as well. The library has 8 full-time librarians and 3 part-time ones. They also have 4 full-time assistants, the people who run the entrance area and other things, and 4 part-time ones.


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Dec 30, 2022 06:10 by Starfarer Theta

Apparently there are a series of libraries with tomes that could be dangerous. Often this means useful to me only in this case the knowledge is quite out of reach. They only accept witches. Far be it for me to try to circumvent that law- the last time I tried to do so with witches involved it ended with mean traveling worlds as a pot. Yes, I was aware the whole time and it is not an experience I would recommend. - Nemo, World Traveler

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