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The North

An area that encompasses the former countries of Germany, the Czech Republic and their neighboring countries, as well as parts of Austria, France, and Poland, and a few others. The borders aren't definitive and the North's actual expanse isn't clearly defined beyond personal opinions.   The closest thing to a "true" definition of the North can be made through its culture and societal norms:
A Northerner can be of many mentalities, but most have in common that their hospitality and compassion are limited to their kin. Their home is a fiercely contested area - has always been, and their minds are drilled on survival by all means necessary. They believe that strict rules and a strong sense of compliance to authority figures are crucial to ensure said survival.
Life in the North is harsh and austere. Proper infrastructure is very sparse, and most settlements are just small, often temporary camps of mostly nomadic clans. Some villages are inhabited, but fiercely guarded against raiders. Electricity coverage is barely there - instead of powerplants, individual generators that power single settlements are much more common.  

Power Dynamics

Apart from the wandering small clans, some bigger ones have established themselves in the North. They are few and usually live far apart from each other. Clashes between these bigger clans are therefore rare, even if they do happen on occasion. For the most part, they try to be on good diplomatic terms with each other.   They generally have more sophisticated infrastructure and access to better technology. Often, the nomads are supplied with weapons and other goods by them through trade.
Included Organizations
Common Languages
German, Polish, English
Main Currency

Current Events

In the past ~30 years, the North has been plagued by an ambitious clan that nowadays calls itself the Legion. They are a highly organized, very militant organization which has occupied parts of the former Northern Germany.   They are frequently raiding the surrounding areas, driving out the other clans to an extent that their territory consists of large uninhabited areas that barely need fortification - no one else wants to live there and get terrorized constantly.   Their goals are widely unknown, but seem to involve expanding their territory. Some other clans have allied themselves with the Legion in hopes of being spared.


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