From the island of Gresya hails the Thesselv species, when the Imperials first encountered these people they were treated like fae creatures due to their lithe appearance and slow purposeful speech patterns. But like all things, the Imperials treated them pragmatically and after a brief but bloody war several thousand years ago the Thesselv people were brought under the heel of the Legions. At present any free Thesselv is treated on equal status to their human counterparts.   Thesselvs have a natural affinity with the aether and are able to pick up on it's subtleties easier than other species, thus Thesselvs tend to make up a considerable amount of the priests, alchemists and other learned professions of the world. This also gives them an uncanny ability to sense fortune and misfortune in the world, this has led to some of the best tacticians in the Legion being Thesselvs.   Due to the climate of Gresya, those Thesselvs living there tend to be more darker skinned than their continental colleagues, you can always tell a natural born Gresyan Thesselv by the colour of their skin.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Generally Elves resemble taller, thinner versions of Imperials, the average height for a Thesselv tends to be between 200 to 220cm high and of an incredibly athletic build. The key difference that marks the Thesselv is the ears which rice to a point, however most Thesselv hair styles hide these.

Growth Rate & Stages

Presumably due to their slight aetheric qualities Thesselvs tend to live much longer than Imperials, the average Thesselv matures at approximately 75 years and enters old age around 500 years old, with cases of some Thesselvs living up to 800 years old. This has made Thesselvs highly sought after scholars and professors due to the knowledge they can possess over their time.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Thesselvs tend to prefer simple meals of grain and vegetables, while not sworn off meat they would prefer plants.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Tending to concentrate in Gresya but now thanks to Imperial assimilation they are spread through-ought the Empire.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Because of their affinity with the Aether, Thesselvs are able to perceive the Aetheric winds like they would a normal breeze. This gives them the ability to sense areas of great power and items of great power.   This also has the added bonus of being able to give them an unconscious ability to sense if a particular course of action is lucky or unlucky. As such Thesselvs with their long lives and prescience are highly prized in the Auxilia of the Legions as tacticians.

Scientific Name
Homo Thesselv Fae
Average Height
Average Weight


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Creative name! Since they reach maturity at 75 do they have a very long developmental stage?

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