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The Great Quest

The laws of Thra are the laws of life itself,From smallest Grub to leviathan of the deep.
It is hubris alone that rages against these bonds, no matter the struggle, judgement is all the same

Beginning your adventure

The goal of your Gelfling band in the Dark Crystal Adventure Game is simple: They must travel across Thra and collect the seven seeds of the great trees and return them to the Mystic Valley. These seeds are hidden throughout the adventure on the following pages of the game book:  

Omerya Coral

Page 63: The Omerya Coral can be found in the Uncharted Archipelago, Sifans the party meet may suggest asking Maudra Ethri aboard the Omerya for aid.

Seed of the Cradle Tree

Page 230: The Seed of the Cradle Tree can be found deep within the Dark Woods, the darkest part of the The Endless Forest, any Stonewood Gelfling can tell the party this.

Glenfoot Seed

Page 177: The Glenfoot Seed can be found in the town of Great Smerth , Drenchen will point the party here to talk to Maudra Laesid.

Wellspring seed

Page 120: The Wellspring seed can be found in the murky depths of the Wellspring Oasis, Dousan characters the party meet can point them to the Oasis.

Waystar Seed

Page 105: The Waystar seed can be found near The City of Ha'rar , at Kira-Staba but the trees have been too badly damaged to be of use. Vaprans can point the party in this direction, and any wise character meets may know the ways of healing the trees.

Sanctuary Seed

Page 243: Unfortunately, the Sanctuary seed cannot be found in the corpse of the Vliste-Staba . If it is anywhere, it must be somewhere within Grot itself. Any Mystic character may inform the party that Urlii may be worth talking to within his Tomb of Relics .

Seed of the Low Tree

Page 148: The Seed of the Low Tree can be found within the boughs of the Nenadi-Staba , any Spriton can tell you the tree is near Sami Thicket , though legend has it that there is a trial for any who plan on taking her fruits.
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