Space Branch

While most think of space as a simple three-dimension volume through which one can move in a linear fashion, this is only scratching the surface. Relativity shows that space is not flat in its dimensions but actually acts as if it was curved. On a tiny scale, quantum mechanics shows that location in space is not an absolute but rather a matter of probability. Those who study the space branch of the Arcana are aware that position is even more flexible than it seems.   A very common use for the space branch is to create portals between distant places. Some use it to close a location off from the outside world. There is the possibility to scry by creating a mental bridge to another location. The usages relies more on the imagination of the practitioner than many of the other Branches.   In modern times, there has been an increased overlap between the natural sciences of those unaware of the greater world and the usage of this branch. Some projects at CERN has actually been about arcane possibilities but masked as scientific research.

Common Traditions
Hermetic Magic
Runic symbolism

Metaphysical, Arcane


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