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AS 1323 - The year that the Dragonstar appeared in the heavens.

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The World of Koth is a low magic fantasy setting designed for OSR (Old School Revival) tabletop role playing. It is a world of powerful religions, city states and political factions that are all in constant conflict.   The history of this world could best be described as long periods of order and serenity that are shattered by chaotic events. It is this chaos and conflict that often creates opportunity. Player characters find themselves pulled into the desires and motivations of various factions all vying for power, influence and survival.   Magic exists in the realms but is only practiced by a select few individuals. Arcane and divine secrets are carefully guarded by those in power. Most commoners are born, live and grow old without ever seeing a fantastic, mythical creature or encountering any real magic outside of miracles performed by local priests. The world is designed to be highly realistic yet still offer the traditional fantasy elements that make this genre of storytelling so interesting.   Koth is best described in OSR terms as a low magic world on the surface, with a deep history of mystical and divine events that drive the narrative.
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