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Oakcrest Village

Oakcrest Village is a growing community on the edge of Darkwood forest. It is remote enough to have avoided kingdom attention but in the last three generations the forest has been cleared away and trade has been established with the merchants guild. It was an independent town until AS 1322 when it was officially annexed by the Kingdom of Vithyr after the Cameryn Incident and is now part of the kingdom.


Human commoners.


The town has been recently annexed and is currently being run by the Church of Vith. The fighting order The Silver Scales is providing logistical support in exchange for land grants and titles for some of their nobles.


New construction - stone wall around the town as well as several guard towers and a large central garrison tower in the middle of town.

Industry & Trade

Natural resources only


This town has a smith and forge but no smelter. Iron ore was obtained via trade with Darkwood Gate but now the Merchant's Guild provides the raw materials. Mill (water driven) The main trade route is being re-routed into this town so it can act as a trade hub and boost the town's economy.

Guilds and Factions

The Church of Vith, The Silver Scales (fighting order) and the Merchant's Guild all have power here.


Founded in ASF 1005 by commoners fleeing kingdom rule and who did not want to risk the dangers deep within Darkwood Forest .

Natural Resources

Grain from nearby farms Furs/leather from the forest Wood
Location under


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