The Surge Complex

During the Purge, a particular SPG became infamous for resisting and fighting back against the tanks coming after him. He was a Grille named Surge, and his combat strategy consisted mostly of getting very close to his enemies and taking them out by ambushing or simply rushing them, instead of shooting them from a safe distance like artillery usually prefers to do.   Some say that he only did this because his Artillery Sights were broken or he didn't know how to use them.   His fighting style was seen as anything but heroic, especially by the several tanks he killed. Despite his eventual death, he became a significant nuisance during the events of the Purge. His story is told with frowns and disgruntlement.   Yet, he has found somewhat of a cult following among other Grilles nowadays. It is a common occurence that these SPGs aspire to follow his track marks by emulating his preferred fighting style. Other tanks call it a "complex".


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