ATTENTION: The raffle is officially over now! Thank you for your entries, I've read them and they were all lovely! Like planned, I will announce the winners on the 22nd March!


sponsored by arty, the Lady of Tanks  
Heya friends! Most of us have a lot of staying at home to do right now. Perfect time for worldbuilding! And even better to do it with additional guild features! To help you get started, I (arty) will be giving away 2 Journeyman 12-month guild memberships!

"Oh heck that's really neat! How do I win?"

Easy! Just participate in my raffle! Every participant will enter into a pool and 2 of those participants will be randomly chosen from the pool by the end of the giveaway!  

What you need to participate:

  • a World Anvil account!
  • being part of the World Anvil discord server

"How do I enter the raffle?" aka The Prompt

Make an article! It has to be about the following:
Imagine one of your world's/setting's characters got transported into the Hummelverse. How would they react, and how would they survive three days there? The article content can be in the form of prose, or a screenplay script, or even a comic! Once you have made it, make sure to publish it (aka not make it a draft) and make it public (aka not private). Then, drop a link to the article in the comments of this one.

The Rules!

The articles will not be judged for aesthetics, but they will be checked for content (to make sure no one submits empty or draft articles by accident). The article doesn't have to be long, so aim for a similar length as this one. (Obviously comics or scripts would take up more space probably.)   Note: You can enter more than one article! Make up to three articles and you will be entered into the pool for each one!
Also, if your article shows you really put effort and cool ideas into it, I may enter you an additional time. This is a highly subjective decision and can only happen once, no matter how many articles you submit!
The giveaway will end on Friday, 20th March 2020, 4pm CET. Absolutely make sure that your articles are accessible until at least this date!
Winners will be chosen and announced on the 22nd March 2020.


What on earth is "the Hummelverse"?
It's arty's main world! You can find the most important facts about it here.   What happens if I already am a guild member?
Theoretically you should be able to use the code for extending your membership.   Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Please ask them in the World Anvil discord server. arty cannot and will not answer questions that you DM (direct-message) her about, to ensure fairness. Neither will the moderators or other WA staff. Questions in the comments section of this article will also NOT be answered!   How do I know I've won?
The 2 lucky winners will be announced in the World Anvil discord server.   Is World Anvil staff endorsing/hosting this giveaway or associated with it?
No, the host is arty. She makes the rules and she chooses the winners. If you have any concerns about who won, please keep in mind that she is doing this completely voluntarily and paying it out of her own pocket. If she wanted to, she could have gifted the prizes to her best friends instead of going through the trouble of making a raffle.   But I'm not good at writing/drawing....?
No problem! It's the effort that counts! This is not a competition, so participating is all you need to do!

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18 Mar, 2020 11:27

Seriously, I'm Inner Sanctum so I'm not going to try to win but this sounds like a seriously fun thing to do.   Well played, Arty!

Author of price-winning RPG settings Dark Shadows and Cinders of the Cataclysm. Designer of the narratively focused Celenia D10 RPG System.
18 Mar, 2020 11:28

Thank you! Creating a fun acitivity that also comes with a big bonus is what I aimed to do with this raffle. :)

Check out The Hummelverse, the world of AI tanks!
20 Mar, 2020 13:40

20 Mar, 2020 13:54

Entry! Going from medeival to futuristic what a change!

20 Mar, 2020 14:40

Now I can submit this. T'was still a draft on my first try:

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