Ruled and inhabited by the same elites since decades, most machines have never seen this island with their own eyes ... and probably never will in their lifetime. Still, it is the most famous, most prestigious region of the Known World.
  The region Regalia (also known as Britain) is home to big, influential clans. It is regarded to be the "Holy Grail" for clans, as many strive to set foot on its shores and build their influence.   Promises of well-developed infrastructure and power, fame, and wealth make Regalia a desirable territory. Establishing themself on this fiercely fought-over ground is considered one of the greatest achievements for a clan.   In reality, the "British Dream" is pretty much a myth; nowadays it is nearly impossible to make any impact on the already existing territories. The clans occupying them have been in charge for so long that their established forces are hard to make a dent in.  

Notable Clans

Reign Britannia Clan Flag

Reign Britannia

This clan is considered the Number 1 not only by its members, but also the rest of the world. Their forces feature highly advanced tech and insanely skilled fighters.   Ruling a large territory in the north of the island, they have not only tanks, but also a large number of planes and an entire fleet of ships at their disposal.   They are always looking for new members, but getting accepted into the clan is reserved for the most prodigious individuals.
Astra Clan Flag


Having dedicated most of their resources and know-how to research, this clan's strong suit is manufacturing high-end weaponry and parts. Their research facilities and factories, located in the former Wales area, carry the reputation of being awe-inspiring places of tomorrow's technology.   They employ a large number of scientists and an equally large number of soldiers equipped with their newest creations.   Seemingly content with their territory's extent, they generally stick to defending themselves and exporting their goods instead of conquering.
BPC Clan Flag

BPC (British Petrol Corps)

Despite not occupying the top in terms of firepower and territorial claims, this clan has a firm grip on the economy in Regalia. Very few clans dare to disgruntle them.   Its heavily guarded trade routes span far beyond the island and ensure a steady import of resources that are in high demand in the region.   Their territory is set up along the southern shores of the island and features busy harbors and airports.

Politics and Alliances

Relationships between most clans in the region are tense at best, but usually hostile. In their constant struggle to keep their influence and power, the borders of most territories are constant battlegrounds. Only few clans like the BPC are more or less considered untouchable, since messing up one's relationship with them would mean harsh consequences.   All clans there employ dedicated diplomats to ensure a good standing in the often confusing and highly volatile political climate of the region. Outsiders from other regions have little insight or understanding in the complex web of alliances and pacts that are going on between the inhabitants of the island at all times.


Resources in Regalia are, despite its advanced infrastructure, scarce. The lands have been completely drained of most of their natural resources. Most of the supplies are imported from other regions nowadays. Many less successful clans struggle to keep their members fed and maintained - failure to secure supplies is the number one reason for losing one's territory in Regalia.


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