Often seen at various marketplaces and trading posts, this eccentric plane is always looking for trading peculiar wares. Other than more "ordinary" merchants, Beet seems completely uninterested in everyday supplies deemed valuable by the common machine. Rather, they'll set up their store piling up strange items that appear useless to anyone coming past.


Apart from their unique selection of wares, Beet can also be easily identified by their looks - despite being a jet engine plane, when on the ground and mingling with others, they have the habit of affixing a set of detached propellers to the front of their engines to blend in better with other planes. Their mostly white paint features some minimal blue and gold patterns, as well as foreign symbols and slightly differently colored patches where damage was fixed. Somewhat untypically for planes, they have also wrapped their fuselage in fabric that covers mostly their flight deck and cabin.   Other than purely visual features, Beet is also known for having an odd manner of speech. They chatter heartily about their travels and business, even when their conversational partner is taciturn. Most find it hard to understand what the plane is saying, due to them having a thick, but hard to place accent, and using unusual metaphors and rambling figures of speech. Trying to ask them questions about specific things tends to yield unexpected, puzzling results as they seldom actually respond to what is being asked and instead excitedly go off on only vaguely related tangents.

Current Whereabouts

Beet has last been spotted at the market harbor Tow, where they have related intentions of "enriching the visitors of the special event" with their supplies. They were refering to the upcoming celebrations about the harbor's mascot.
Current Location
6 NW (allegedly)


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9 Jan, 2022 14:12

I would not hesitate to sit with Beet and let them talk my ear off

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