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The Korpes File Series & Related Works

Ranging From 0 BC - 2700 AC

Current Novels by J. I. Rogers

These are all short stories and novels, year-stamped to make them easier to place, from The Korpes File Series. This section will be updated when new things are released.

  • Bride Price
    2568 AC 2568 AC
    Witness what two families from different social classes will do to ensure their empires survive, as circumstances and fate force them together.

  • Protocol 9
    2592 AC 2592 AC
    Ride along on a desperate mission in the primal, toxic jungle called 'the Seep'.

  • The Korpes File - Book 1 in The Korpes File Series
    2596 AC - 2606 AC
    It's dangerous to be Diasporan, and Technician Nash Korpes knows this only too well. As a 'throwback' he was coveted by the shadowy Korlune Military Research and Development for his genetics, and he's spent more time in Med-Bays than he has at work. When he's torn from those he loves by an act of war he seeks to make sense of it all and uncovers a nemesis that threatens them all.

    Book 1 of The Korpes File Series -Teaser

  • Blue Moon
    2598 AC 2598 AC
    A massive electromagnetic storm hits Tamyrh, causing havoc on both sides of the border, but when an aging astronomer observes something that doesn't match the data, can he get anyone to believe him?

  • Forget-Me-Not
    2606 AC 2606 AC
    Join the crowd at a 'Par Society' rally and participate in a historic moment in Korlune's history of racial segregation.

  • The Korpes Agenda - Book 2 in The Korpes File Series.
    2606 AC - 2613 AC
    Something dark is stirring in Korlune, and there’s only one person who sees it; brilliant, but haunted, Master-Tech Nash Korpes. Freshly escaped from the clutches of Korlune Military Research and Development he finds safety within the ranks of tech giant Harlo-Fyre. As the line between friend and foe blurs and friction between Korlune's military factions reach boiling point, Nash is forced to act.

Coming Soon - The Korpes Identity - Book 3 in The Korpes File Series.

The Tamyrh Quarterly Covers

Tamyrh Quarterly 1 by J. I. Rogers

Tamyrh Quarterly 2 by J. I. Rogers

Tamyrh Quarterly 3 by J. I. Rogers

Tamyrh Quarterly 4 by J. I. Rogers

Tamyrh Quarterly 5 by J. I. Rogers

Can You Access The Short Stories?

Yes! Select issues of Tamyrh Quarterly will be uploaded to the manuscripts section over the next couple of months.
by J. I. Rogers

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