Cluster City: Riva

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Purpose / Function

"I see it in my mind's eye... Riva will be a haven for our souls. It will remind us of who we are, where we have come from, and what wonders we are capable of..."
~ Nami Doncaster in 525 AC


After the reclamation of the tunnels, the smaller, underground outposts, and the maglev system, Riva Cluster was the first of the great building projects the Korlo undertook. Designed in 530 AC, it took until 1056 AC to accrue the raw materials to begin construction. Riva was completed in 1449 AC.

Note: Unlike the newer Cluster Cities, the majority of Riva's construction was done by hand.

  • The Foundation: Mining and excavation technology was readily available, so digging out the enormous foundation and lower levels of the city went quickly. Protecting the Diasporan workers and machinery from the caustic elements was a challenge, and prompted the development of hydrophobic polymer coatings and material upgrades for envirosuits.

  • Dome Construction: Crews of Diasporan workers worked around the clock, in all types of weather, to erect and then glaze Riva's distinctive dome with the protective tiles. Permanent shifts were then assigned to dome maintenance, to keep up with tile replacement during the storm seasons.
    Note: A outer shell dome with an automated tile repair/replacement system was added as extra protection in 2328.

The Footnotes
Riva's Dome Hue:

Founding Date
1056 AC
Megastructure, Land based
Something that can run across all Cluster City pieces.

Cover image: by J. I. Rogers


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