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Author's Caveats & Clarifications

  • Did You Know?

    Contrary to widespread speculation, "Tamyrh" was never intended to be a future Earth. I envisioned it as a world populated by humanoids (and aliens) in a far-flung corner of the universe. If you're happier picturing it as a near-Earth dystopian/sci-fi/cyberpunk series, I won't stop you, I'll simply add this caveat.
Any similarities to persons living or dead, or real-life situations are purely coincidental.

  • About My Images, Music, & Fonts

    All of the art (banners, images, etc.) that I've created for use on this site are a combination of my own drawings, sketches/illustrations, and photographs, as well as public domain images from CANVA Pro
    Mythspinner Studios is my art identity/business name - Some of my work will be credited as such (especially when I get going on game design). You can find me on NaNoWriMo as Mythspinner Studios.
    All music used is either my own composition or Royalty Free via my membership on Epidemic Sound. Regardless, I'll always give a shout-out to the composer in the video credits.
    All my videos and editing software/effects packs have been appropriately licensed. I use Movavi and XSplit.
    All fonts associated with 'my Brand' (PAG KAROGS, Fledgling, Din 1451 fette Briets, among them) are licensed for commercial use.

Cover image: by J. I. Rogers
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