“My Summer Camp 2021 Worldbuilding Pledge Document”.

This Event Has Concluded...

#WASC21 is now over and by some miracle I've completed ten prompts. Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to support me, to those who read my articles, and those who clicked on the little heart below my journal entries. I hope everyone had an awesome time - I know I certainly did. Cheers all, and see you next year.
I have further challenges for myself. I will complete all the prompts on my own time, and keep them in the WASC21 folder in the directory.
Before World Ember of this year. My second project is to either learn some CSS and make my presentation more interesting, or find someone who can.

Week One:

1. Which project are your worldbuilding efforts tied to?

I’m currently eyeball-deep in finishing book three of “The Korpes File Series,” and all my worldbuilding is focused on elements related to the story. Some of these bits are just touchstones for future books, but the majority of items covered will be things my readers will recognize (even if they were just alluded to in the story).

2. What world are you working on?

Tamyrh - The World As It’s Known.

3. Which area of the world(s) are you working on?

Boundary Map - Year 2596 by J. I. Rogers
There are three regions I’m covering: Korlune, Ankoresh, and the region surrounding Lake Evora (known as The Seep). These are the only areas explored in the books - so far.

The map to the left also shows:

  • the current border / DMZ between Korlune and Ankoresh.
  • A graphic representation of the Seep’ encroachment zone.’ Bright green represents the estimated area where the jungle has taken hold. The faded, khaki green represents an estimate of the ‘Exhale’ range, based on where spores have been detected.

4. How much are you aiming to complete?

I want to complete at least ten prompts, but my current circumstances only give me ‘free time’ in short bursts. I’ll be happy getting anything done. :)

5. When will you write?

Whenever I can (see above).

6. Who is your support network?

I’m very, very lucky in this regard as I have a solid group to support me. My hubby, George, our three cats (one of whom loves laying on the laptop while I’m working), my elderly parents (who now live with us), my Patrons, and fans of the series who are keen for updates. I would count anyone reading this document as support too, and I appreciate you taking the time to do so. <3

Week Two:

I’ll be creating assets as I go. These images and useful bits will be deposited in the gallery “World Anvil Summer Camp 2021”.

Week Three:

My Social Media

My professional branding has undergone a slight modification (logo improvement) in the last year and is uniform across all platforms I have a presence on. My personal website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are where the bulk of my interaction takes place, but I do have plans for my tiny Discord server, YouTube, and Twitch channels. I'm delighted and a little amazed that people follow me on any of these sites, give the erratic nature of my posting.

About Me:

“I am a green-eyed, ginger-haired, caffeine addict who is currently working on ‘The Korpes File Series.’ When not acting as a conduit for the voices in my head or pursuing something artistic, I’m a poster child for Gen X and the Queen of most boondoggles that lead to eye-strain and tinnitus.”
Find Me On... by J. I. Rogers

Unscheduled Chaos by J. I. Rogers and WASC21 Logo

Article Release Schedule:

Due to the uncertain nature of my free time, I can't commit to 'deadlines' per se, but I have good intentions and a desperate need to write. With that said, I'll pick at the list of prompts as I can and do my best.

Public Declaration Post by J. I. Rogers and WASC21

Telling The World!

This is the announcement that I'll post after I make this pledge "official" on World Anvil. It will be shared from via my website to my Discord server, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts

Unscheduled Chaos by J. I. Rogers and WASC21 Logo
My non-schedule for article production.


  • Create a generic article, and title it “My Summer Camp 2021 Worldbuilding Pledge Document”. You can use the official header in the Digital Participation Pack, too, if you want to! .
  • Create the following headers and answer the questions:
    1. Which project are your worldbuilding efforts tied to?
    2. What world are you working on?
    3. Which area of the world(s) are you working on?
    4. How much are you aiming to complete?
    5. When will you write?
    6. Who is your support network?

Submit the URL into the comments of this blog.


  • Get your world organized and design assets ready to create some monumental articles.


  • For this prep assignment, the last before Summer Camp, we’re going to help you get some more readers for your work! Below are some quick and easy tasks that will help make sharing your articles simpler during crunch time. In fact, you’ve probably done most of these already!

  • Social Media
  • 1. Get yourself set up on a social media platform or two of your choice!
  • 2. Make sure you fill in the “about” sections and add images where appropriate
  • 3. Make a post about your intention to do Summer Camp, introduce your world and mention us (@worldanvil)… and we’ll like it! Remember to link in your world, and add relevant hashtags to your genres!

  • Subreddits and Groups
  • 1. Find a few groups or subreddits you’d like to release to, bookmark them, and read the rules so you know what’s allowed
  • 2. Start making friends and interacting there now! Just five minutes a day is enough.

  • World Anvil Discord
  • 1. If you haven’t already, join the World Anvil Discord, and say hello to your fellow Summer Campers in the #Summer-Camp-2021 channel World Anvil Author’s Profile
  • 2. Fill out your author profile “about me” section
  • 3. Add a profile and cover images (use the same ones as on social media to unify your brand)
  • 4. Link in your social accounts
  • 5. Make a quick post for your followers!
  • 6. Follow 5 (10 for extra credit!) other people who make amazing worlds to make friends – then, write in their guest book or comment on one of their posts! You’ll find other Summer Campers in the comments of this blog post and in our Discord.
  • 7. Create a step-by-step release plan for your Summer Camp articles (add it to your pledge document in a final section)! This might include:
  • A quick check that you’ve formatted your article clearly
  • Your social media accounts, with hashtags you should use (#WASummerCamp and #worldbuilding should be in there!)
  • Your chosen subreddits and/or Facebook groups
  • The World Anvil Discord, in chapters or appropriate channels

Simply follow the steps you’ve set up whenever you have an article ready for release! It’ll make sharing your work easy.
To submit your homework, write a comment on this blog post sharing: your amended pledge document, now with your Article Release Plan! your completed World Anvil author’s profile your social media links, so people can follow you!

I, J. I. Rogers, will do my best to abide by my pledge...

Cover image: Banner Mash-up by WA and J. I. Rogers


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