The continued existence of the Vhrakari is an insult to our masters and we should all live in fear of the day their patience with us comes to an end.
— Dactyus Kyphid to sharing his concerns with his fellow Dactyi
Much of the Drekh culture owes its origins to a darker, more prehistoric time, when elven tribes ruled supreme and the struggle for territory or resources pitted them against on eanother. Many of these tribes were deeply matriarchal and ruled over by women who's bloodlines could be traced back to powerful, ancient mothers of myth and legend. Many of these women helped sow the seeds of civilization that would one day blossom into elven unification and the birth of Melanthris. Yet, many others would be remembered for something much darker.
Many of these tribes worshiped lurking horrors left over from truly ancient days, days before even The Empire of Skyrir or even the coming of Dragons. One of these entities was known as the Venom Mother, a spider-like being who could only be appeased through blood-shed, death, and pain born of poisons. The tribes loyal to her were known for many strange and grim practices but the most atrocious acts were reserved strictly for the warrior elite known as the Vhrakhari. These killers were masters of combat and it was said that there wasn't a weapon made that they were not familiar with. Yet, they were more than just violent butchers in service to hungry god. They were chemists as well, experts in the handling of toxins, venoms, and poisons found in nature. Their skill with weapons and poison were put to use in the enforcement of the tribes' laws and the will of the goddess herself. These pious enforcers existed above the regular hierarchy of warriors and answered only to the tribe's mother.
It was a blessing to Tairos when the elven tribes began to unify and those loyal to creatures such as the Venom Mother faded into extinction. Very little of their existence remains today and only a scant few references to their ever being a Vhrakari tradition can be found today.
On the surface that is.
Below, in the Screaming City of the Bitter Depths the tradition lives on. When the Drekh were forced into exile one of the many older customs they resurrected was that the Vrakhari but like much of what they plucked from those bygone ages it was modified to fit their purpose while paying homage to their sacred origin. They took on the role of defending Drekh culture from within as well as without. To enemies of the city they were fierce and relentless opponents fully dedicated to homeland - ready to die for it and ready to spill blood for it. To the enemies within, those Drekh that would betray Sha'Hidun to further their own selfish gains, the Vharkari are righteous purifiers completely without mercy.
That all changed when the Xikhani came to claim Sha'Hidun. The conquest of the hidden city was swift and inevitable as it had been on many worlds previous. The Dactyi were quick to capitulate and control of the city soon fell to new, alien masters. While most Drekh were quick to surrender autonomy and revel in the wonders of the stars brought by Black Mark the Vhrakari never accepted this defeat. They went into hiding within the Bitter Depths and have been conducting a resistance of their own ever since. Their hope is to one day repel the invaders from their homeland and restore Drekhian culture. Unlike most occupations this goal is not shared by most of the oppressed. They'd rather enjoy their new existence as part of an interstellar community than return to the old ways. As such these stalwart champions of tradition have become terrorists in the eyes of their enemy and those of the people they wish to rescue.



Uphold the traditions of old. Defend the city from betrayers within and dangers from outside.

Social Status

Once, before the Xikhani, they were considered to be among the most honorable of citizens. Now they are viewed as insurrectionists and criminals


All Vharkari are Drekh



Light armor, any weapons of their choosing, various poisons


They once had a citadel within Sha'Hidun where they operated from and trained. The Xikhani destroyed this place during the initial attack. They now operate from various hideouts within the deep, unexplored regions of the Bitter Depths.
This profession is now outlawed by the Xikhani Regent of Sha'Hidun
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