Krutilix The Plagued

Krutilix is believed to be the only god of Tairos actually native to the land. His symbol, vermin and a skull, is found in primitive cave art in the north, etched into stone outcroppings in the plains and on plateaus in the Scorch. And even then, his presence was a malign one and his intentions nothing less than decay, rot and extinction.
The Plague has no holy scrolls or tomes. Instead his tale is scribbled upon skulls and etched into the walls of long lost civilizations. Those that can be translated seem more like the ravings of lunatics than ordered religion but what is clear is that Krutilix communicates with his followers through dreams and omens. These omens take the form of patterns in rotted flesh, the slithering crawl of maggots as they feast or the way blighted crops fall dead to the earth.
Krutilix is believed to be responsible for the nameless dead civilizations that dot the Scorch. Some even suspect he is to blame for the actual creation of the desert itself. Scholars believe there is no way for natural civilizations to have developed on their own in a region so devoid of resources and unforgiving toward life. They speculate that he may have unleashed a disaster that devastated the once fertile land and its people. Other say this is only a creative coincidence and Krutilix is no more the cause for a desert than he is for the mountains or lakes.
There is no mention of Krutilix in the holy books of the other gods save for but one brief story in the scripture of Tatayne The Breath of Life. Her book says that as she guards the Well of Life and its secrets another being latches upon it like a parasite, drinking its fill and feasting upon its light. Scholars of divine sciences think that this means Krutilix was not originally a god but some cosmic entity that bloated itself on the power of other divinities till it became one.
The followers of Krutilix are rare and dangerous. They call upon their patron to imbue them with a portion of his limitless and banal power so they can spread death with it. The misery and loss they cause are believed to feed their master more than any traditional worship ever could.
Some of the writings of his most mad followers say that Krutilix is far from a mindless hunger. That he is in fact deeply intelligent and supremely powerful. They say he can exist as a mortal on Tairos and upon the death of his host shell he can return to the divine plane ready to seep back into the realm of the living. Where his mortal shell walks, famine, earthquakes, great plagues and terrible tragedies follow. If this is true than so too is the rest of the rantings that proclaims he is growing stronger and seeking a means to slay the gods and merge with the Leylines of Tairos… forever infecting the land and giving birth to a festering garden of rancid and eternal decay.

Divine Domains

Death, Destruction, Animals and Weather

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A skull with vermin slithering in and out of it. He is also often simply represented by a maggot or fly's head. His favored weapon is a military fork and it is often used to represent him as well.

Tenets of Faith

Spread sickness for it is the gift of Krutilix. Bring decay and famine to those untouched by its splendors. Pollute what is pure for infection and filth are true perfection.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Krutilix seeks nothing less than to merge with the leylines of Tairos and seep into every aspect of the land. If he succeeds there would be no way to prevent him from transforming Tairos into a hellish landscape of eternal decay
Divine Classification
Intermediate God


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