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Garad Tengrid

Alderman Garad Tengrid

Garad Tengrid has lived his whole life in Ghal Pelor just as his ancestors have for generations. The Tengrid family has had a presence in the city since its founding.   His family has been connected to the ore trade and forge operations for centuries. Though he no longer has an actual forge in the city he has family and business contacts back in Ghal Ankhar that have grown very wealthy off of contracts set up by Garad. This has also allowed him to make powerful connections in the various labor unions and guilds within the city.   These connections are what allowed Garad Tengrid to beat out his rivals for the Aldermanship of the Animar district in Ghal Pelor. He's held the position of Alderman for over a decade now and his popularity has only increased over the years.   He is now seen as a central figure in dwarven society within Ghal Pelor and a key advocate for workers' rights and open trade. This has also made him very prominent enemy of the Ghal Pelor First movement within the city.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Middle aged and healthy though not athletic or powerful by dwarven standards

Body Features

Very well kept hair and beard

Facial Features

Long beard kept in intricate braids and always oiled and perfumed

Special abilities

Dark Vision

Apparel & Accessories

Enjoys jewelry and brightly colored clothes. Gnomish styles appeal to him

Personality Characteristics


Growth of dwarven interests in the city. Expanding free trade

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Very fashion forward

Likes & Dislikes

Likes- Gnomish fashions, barbers, beard oils, colorful clothing and social events   Dislikes- Lockland, closed minded people, racial politics

Vices & Personality flaws

Fine clothing and grooming


Garad Tengrid
Dark brown
Well kept brown
202 lbs


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