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I don't know if the gods are dead but if they are; imagine what they left behind in their divine palaces for us to inherit?
To the primitive tribes of ancient days Azuraquat was the place the sun was imprisoned each night. For the Skyrirans the sun was a flame that was reignited every morning by their Golden God who's throne was found in Azuraquat. Both are fanciful stories with a kernel of truth at their core.
The people of these distant eras invented myth and legend to explain what they didn't understand and it was easier for them to believe the sun was a thing to be captured or stoked to life than to fully grasp the nature of the stars. Therefore, what better place for the sun to belong to than the home of the Golden God of Skyrir, Azuras. In truth, the temple complex was built by the Dragon to serve as his planar fortress and palatal sail barge to herald him across the vastness of reality. It was built not of brick and mortar but shaped by Azuras' will before launching into the ether between planes. It is with Azuraquat that he was able to fully explore the mysteries outside Tairos and interact with entities beyond the wildest imagination. Yet, no matter how far it carried him he maintained the planar gate and lighthouses of this new home so that he may always remain connected with Tairos.
Azuraquat served as the Golden God for countless centuries as his base of operations (perhaps longer as the flow of time differs both within Azuraquat itself and in the many places it carried him) but in the end it would prove to be both his saving grace and his prison. When The Empire of Skyrir rebelled against their god the most powerful magi among them invaded his home before striking a deadly blow meant to dissolve the temple-realm and cast Azuras into the blind infinities of the ether. Azuras retreated to the central pyramid of Azuraquat and used its inner workings to form a protective shell that would shield himself along with a sizable chunk of the temple. When the ravaging energy of the ether torn his home apart he was able to survive but also trapped, unable to leave.
Tairos largely forgot about the Golden God and his eternal home of Azuraquat but small tethers remained. Little cracks in reality accidentally created by the treacherous Skyrirans when they betrayed their god and unleashed a flood of Necromantic energy into his realm. These cracks manifest as fissures of golden light that lead directly to Azuraquat's ruins where the barrier between realms is thinnest. They are one-way passages that have led many curious travelers to their end. Unable to escape and often without any means of traversing the jagged fragments of Azuraquat's ruins they are simply left to waste away.
Yet, as lost as the home of Azuras may seem the tethers that remain in Tairos are proof that if a more stable anchor could be established than the dragon god might be able to set food again on the world of his birth. And should that come to pass than the continuation of his great work would surely follow.

Purpose / Function

Act as the throne, laboratory, sanctuary, and cosmic sail barge for the Golden God Azuras
Megastructure, Orbital scale

Cover image: Azuraquat by Timothée Mathon


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