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Bianca Loame

I've done my research and truly believe what i'm about to say, no matter how strange it sounds. I think that as profound and tragic as all the disasters are that happened here in Tairos they're barely noticed in the grand scale of what's really out there. There's a sea of stars above and each one might have some sphere of earth spinning around it. And, maybe people suffering through their own trials just like us. I don't think we can save our home here but that doesn't mean it's the end. I think we're meant to survive out there, with everyone else.
— Bianca Loame
The bloodlines of the old world and its heroes still exist even today. While much of the majesty, magic and awe those names inspired has since vanished the descendants of those once famous or infamous endure. One such hero was Wexil Loame, the Astromancer. Wexil was a renown figure in his home of Ghal Pelor and a professor at the College of Magic there. He was a seeker of knowledge, a historian, a wizard with few equals and... ultimately, a casualty of the Queen's War like so many other mythic figures. The Loame line continued though. Its members traveling west after the conflict to settle in the city of Frial and begin life anew.
Wexil's impact, like that of so many other fallen heroes, was mostly forgotten. The Loame's that followed used most of Wexil's old equipment to create a blacksmithery, armory and refinery from which most of the family's current wealth comes from. The Loame's are not respected, prominent people in the business community of Frial. One of them even holds a position in the city's voting council, the Kreastos. It is only Bianca that has shunned this life of privilege and social maneuvering in favor of the eccentric pursuits written of in Great Grandfather Wexil's old books .
While her sisters and cousins pursued formal educations in Frial's universities or apprenticeships in the family business Bianca devoted much of her time to Wexil's work. Her studies suffered for it but she wasn't concerned with matters of terrestrial education aside from mathematics which proved invaluable to understanding Wexil's formulas. While the rest of siblings and cousins became recognizable figures in public or industrial life in Frial Bianca faded from the spotlight her family craved.
She spent years visiting her Great Grandfather's old laboratory in High Point Township and hidden College of Magic storehouses all through the border territory of Ghal Pelor. She used her finds to set up a small apothecary business on the outskirts of the metalworker's district in a small building owned by her father. From here she sells the oddities she unearths while continuing to study Wexil's teachings. After years of practice Bianca has even managed to replicate a few of her great grandfather's simplest spells, when she has Manacite enough on hand to try anyway. Manacite is already rare but it's exceedingly so in Frial.
In recent years her focus has been on Tairos' moon. Her last visit to High Point was different. A group of adventurers had been through recently and saved the small community from a ghoul attack. And in doing so the wards sealing Wexil Loame's tower were broken. Before she only had access to the few buildings around the main tower and what little Wexil has stored there. Now that the tower itself was unsealed she paid the community leader Sim Conlon a considerable amount of her family's allowance to be able to take everything inside back to Frial. In pouring through the old tomes she brought back she found more spells, more secrets and something else. That her Wexil was planning to escape the horrors of the Fae war and leave for the moon. He knew he'd have precious little time to do it and that it would be very dangerous. These books made it seem that if Wexil survived he left in a hurry and for Tairos' moon. She also found out how he planned to do it. Using a device he called the Moon Bridge, a circular stone disc with many runes and enchantments inscribed into it. Wexil said it had the means to tap into tunnel system that runs beneath known reality and that it could help him access The Gates built by the old Architects.
Today, Bianca is putting the finishing touches on Wexil's old telescope device so she can start mapping the moon and looking for any sign he might have made it there. If she can see anything that suggests he's there then trying to activate the Moon Bridge is next. All of this has been kept from her family. They know she's obsessed with Wexil's myths but they don't know the extent of her devotion to them. If they knew they'd speak with the Grand Order of the Lion and have them confiscate all the equipment she has.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Healthy example of a typical human

Facial Features

Wears spectacles

Special abilities

Knows a few simple cantrips learned from Wexil's books

Apparel & Accessories

Generally wears her Great Grandfather's old magician's robe. It is a bit too big for her but she wears it anyway

Mental characteristics


Bianca has a very extensive education compared to most people in Tairos. Few have the wealth needed to attend the remaining centers for education and fewer still live anywhere near them. Frial, Ghal Pelor, Baradrad and Melanthris are the only such places remaining.
Mathematics and engineering are her specialties and she is rather peerless when it comes to her knowledge of the sky, stars and workings of the heavens above.


She is self-employed and the owner of an shop called the Tucker Street Apothecary, located at the intersection of Tucker and Anvil on the eastern side of Frial. She uses some of Wexil Loame's recipes to make different elixirs, tinctures, balms and oils. She also sells old relics, oddities and books.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Opening her business, accessing High Point tower, getting Wexil's old telescope working

Failures & Embarrassments

Her rather contentious relationship with her family

Intellectual Characteristics

Focused, inquisitive, naive, curious about magic , trusting

Morality & Philosophy

Bianca does her best to treat others with respect and generally assumes everyone has the best intentions. She ties to help others out when they're in need and believes everyone deserves to be kindness. She also believes she might be the key to saving the people of Tairos and helping them reach the stars.

Personality Characteristics


Continuing Wexil's work. Finding a way to help the people of Tairos settle on other worlds

Savvies & Ineptitudes

She is skilled with complex machines, deciphering languages and mathematics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes- Enjoys quiet, warm cups of tea and the late hours of the night
Dislikes- Loud/crowded places, most cheeses


Though she manages to keep clean Bianca pays very little attention to things like fashion, cosmetics and such. She prefers to keep her look very simple


Family Ties

Talley Loam- Bianca's little sister is the only family member she is exceptionally close to. Talley is eight years old and lives in the Loame estate with the rest of the family but frequently visits the Tucker Street Apothecary. She is one of the few people in Frial who know the extent of Bianca's passion for Astromancy

Religious Views

Bianca is not particularly religious though the rest of her family does follow the traditions of Sandor as much of Frial does. She believes the gods once existed but assumes The Queen's Rebuke killed them.

Social Aptitude

She does not often attend social events nor is her social circle particularly large. She meets with several academics and eccentric types at a cafe nearby her business. Bianca isn't particularly good at conversations outside of her areas of interest and doesn't relate well to most common folk.

Wealth & Financial state

While Bianca doesn't have a great deal of personal wealth on hand she does have access to the vast riches of the Loame family. She is reluctant to every ask for it as it brings attention from her family and they would not approve of most of her expenditures.
Bianca Full Image
The Astromancer by Antti Hakosaari
Neutral Good
Current Location
Current Residence
Tucker Street Apothecary in Frial
Dark brown
Known Languages
The Common Tongue, Elven

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