Arroc The Raven King

Followers of Arroc have always argued about the best way to venerate their deity for he never asks for anything material or ritualistic from them. He is a mute god who never speaks to his followers or the rest of his pantheon. Even Vale has spoken more than Arroc.
Arroc seems more interested in knowledge, secrets and the future than he does earthly worship or divine power. His followers believed that Arroc was born in the roiling chaos of some distant outer realm and that he now scours reality trying to understand the purpose of his existence. His priests teach that Arroc holds the answer to every question a mortal could ever ask but the knowledge this deity seeks is always one step beyond his grasp.
Arroc has no holy books, no rituals or traditions. Fragmented tales about him can be found in the texts of other divinities. These sources all agree on a few facts: Arroc is aloof and unknowable. He is a master of chaos and his disposition can change on a whim. And, the only constant is his appreciation for beauty. Many of these texts say he’s taken a mortal form to appreciate men and women alike. Divinities are not immune to his obsession either; he is fascinated by Tatayne The Breath of Life and Malyse The Libertine's divine beauty as well.
Followers of the Raven God were always few and far between. His priests were hermetic wanderers who traveled Tairos seeking answers to every unknown and chasing prophecies real or imagined. Arroc was a deity that earned a great deal of respect in learned placed like Balmoral and Baradrad, both of which studied his whims and used them to predict the future. The Stormlands worshipped Arroc because of his chaotic nature. Many among them believed that their coastal raids and uncontrollable desires were somehow intertwined with those of Arroc’s. To this day many Stormlander raiding crafts bear the eye or claw of a raven upon their masts.

Divine Domains

Air, Magic, Chaos, Knowledge and Death

Holy Books & Codes

Arroc has no official holy book. His worshipers would often create their own and share them with others. The stories and practices of Arroc would vary from sect to sect and even between individuals.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Raven is Arroc's holy symbol. His favored weapon is the scythe and that is often used to represent him as well. Many of Arroc's followers would tattoo a raven feather over their left eye or cheek to represent their loyalty to him and willingness to share everything they learned with their god.

Tenets of Faith

Seek knowledge where there is ignorance. Seek purpose in your life. Cherish beautiful things.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Arroc's only goal is to understand why he exists and what his purpose is. He distracts himself with obsessions over beautiful things but few of these infatuations last.
Divine Classification
Intermediate God


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