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Swords & Treachery


The motivation behind building Swords & Treachery

I want to make a new setting that would bring the feeling of the arthurian knights back, while not trying to be historically accurate.

The goal of the project

I would like to have a yet another way to enjoy playing with the fast paced Forged in the Dark system, but instead of being sneaky criminals, we would get to be epic stabby heroes.

Swords & Treachery's Unique Selling point

Many other versions of the tales about king Arthur and his knights don't go too far from the basic storyline that has been retold many times over. However the mythos itself is rich with many tales and wonderful adventures that are overlooked - and I think it is a shame. I want to explore all those little things that I loved reading about as a child and bring them back as nods to the original medieval fan-craze.



Medieval fantasy comedy where everything is possible if you swing your sword hard enough!

Reader Experience

Goofy and magical with a sense of exploration.

Reader Tone

Bright with some dark specs, because heroes need bad guys to win against!

Recurring Themes

Defending the weak; all is allowed in love and war; not all dragons are gone; magic always has a price; noble deeds for noble causes; sword around and find out.

Character Agency

PCs have the full ability to change the Kingdom of Avalonia - actions always have consequences.


Class relations

This is the medieval times. To whom you are born to determines your fate and there is very little you can do about it. That doesn't mean one cannot find happiness. Or decides to defy these odds and become a hero.

Religious influence

New religion appeared and threatens to unbalance the presence of traditions and rituals that were in the society before. Many people do find solace in the new rites, but at what price?

Arts and Culture Influence

I want to invoke the feeling of medieval times, not the harsh realities of it. This is a fantasy land made for fun, not a history lesson. Therefore there will be focus on foods, fashion, past times and other little nuggets to support the #vibes.

Expanded Focus Points

Government Presence, Rule of Law, Agriculture and Trade.


  • The new king might be the prophecised saviour of the kingdom, but he is young and inexperienced. Who will actually seize power in the land? Or will the royal be able to hold on to it?
  • Magic doesn't like rivals. Saints go missing. The earth is shaking in displeasure. But maybe if people start being more noble, the gods will stop their punishments?
  • Clans are now sitting united, but that is also a wonderful opportunity to poison the ale of your rival. Where else will you get such an opportunity? Honour means different things to people and sometimes, vendettas are necessary. Or so the word goes.
  • Marriage is a contract, it usually hardly has anything to do with love. But a heart wants what the heart wants and not everyone is satisfied to only describe their devotion in poems.
  • Knights might go on expeditions to the far lands beyond the sea, searching for holy artefacts and brand new adventures. Who says it can't work the other way? The island treasures of the Kingdom of Avalonia might seem very tasty to the raiders from far away.
  • And more to come!

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