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Sreteer (Shree-teer)

Sreteer is a highly populated world, home to a species of sentient Strigidae. These highly intelligent avians communicate telepathically by touch with other races.

In order to make their public spaces more accessible to non-flighted species, doors are often placed at ground level on buildings. Main entrances, however, tend to be higher on the structures. Ground based transportation is provided for tourists.


Sreteeran is a large, loosely terrestrial world, somewhat colder than the average as it circles its star at a distance. Beautiful mountain ranges and extensive forests await on this world with only small bodies of water.

Localized Phenomena

The light on Sreteer is prized by photographers all over the universe. This prosperous and habitable world features a unique tendancy for much of the flora to emit a slight phosphorescence. In short, the world glows with a beauty that is not cast into harsh shadows by the gentle, diffused light from its sun.


Due to the nearly constant cloud cover, the temperature of the world remains remarkably constant regardless of day/night or seasonal cycles. Lows and highs are within a very narrow range that is pleasant for many lifeforms.

Fauna & Flora

There is a wide range of plant and animal life on Sreteer. The natives have cultivated rich areas of forest that might appear to be wild to visitors, but that are actually highly tended by the owners. Use caution when exploring and make sure to stay in established visitor areas.

Local fauna varies, with most being tame and raised as food. It is considered sinful to raise food in captivity as it stunts the hunter's ability. So while the many animals are relatively tame, they also are highly adept at camoflage. All apex predators less than the Sreteerans them selves have become extinct.

To see the local animal life, visitors are encouraged to find a spot and just sit, during the day, with some form of grain or sweet vegetation available to offer curious creatures.

Natural Resources

Water is abundant, but tends to be found in streams and rivers rather than lakes and oceans.

The mountains are rich in metals, but the natives have chosen to forbid mining on their world, as their habitations tend to be grown rather than mined. The only exception is when caves are excavated to form housing structures. Minerals found during these excavations are considered to be the property of the entire planet.


Parent world of the Sreteerans, highly populated, leading them to explore the galaxy.


Tourists are welcomed. Note that the natives do not use ground transportation and that entrances to structures are placed at altitude. To encourage non-flighted visitors, the Sreteerans have added ground level entrances to public spaces and a series of hover-vehicles are available for transportation.

It is a good idea to plan your trip in advance, however, as available spaces for non-locals can be limited and it can be difficult to find a room without a reservation.

Many tourists choose to camp while visiting. Be aware that the locals are largely nocturnal, so you are advised to adjust your sleep schedule as necessary to avoid trying to sleep during the height of the local activity.


Considered one of the best locations to learn the art of advanced meditation, this world has large sectors dedicated to peace and enlightenment.

The day and night cycles of this highly populated and yet beautifully natural world will expose the seeker to many examples of the cycles of life and death, enhancing perspective.


Tourists seeking adventure are encouraged to range among the spaces set aside for their exploration. Backpacking and hiking, mountain climbing and exploration are all popular options available for tourists. Ensure that you follow local rules for pollution abatement, however. Only smokeless cooking equipment is allowed.

While it may seem that these spaces are unpopulated, there is no completely wild space on Sreteer. Locals are only a call away. Strict silence is enforced during the day, however. If you need help, no call will go unanswered.

Those with noisy children or who find amusement in making noise during the day will be removed from the planet quickly. Plan accordingly.

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