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Prreem are a flying feline species. Covered in feathers, they are deceptively cute. Like most small mammals on Sreteer, they are domesticated. Prized as pets for their soft, cuddly nature and their intelligent mischief, they have adapted their empathic abilities to create a deep bond with their owners.


Their long tail is barbed and highly flexible, aiding in both flight control and stability when perching.


Do not mistake these adorable creatures for prey. They are most certainly predators.


Large ears and strong night vision help them track prey both at night and during the day. Fierce retractable talons and powerful wings allow them to swoop down and capture their victims. Like their owners, prreem prefer to hunt their own food and can often be found hunting with their chosen Sreteeran.


Before attacking, they often emit a powerful screech which causes their prey to freeze. In the relative silence of Sreteer, this sudden piercing shriek is effective and terrifying.


Companion animals, they bond with whom they choose. Domesticated pets seem to seek out creatures with greater sapience in order to form deep emotional bonds. In the wild, they form family groups that will remain together for life.


Because Sreteerans prize them as companions, the species has been spread throughout the galaxy. They will happily bond with non-Sreteerans. If you encounter one, do not approach it. Let the prreem come to you. As long as you are larger and more sapient than the prreem, you are safe unless it screeches.

Basic Information


Anatomically, they have four paws with retractable talons, two wings, and a barbed tail. Some also have horns.

Genetics and Reproduction

Since the Sreteerans have transplanted the species from its native world, they now live on space stations and other planets. As a result, their mating cycle has altered, proving the adaptability of the species.


On Sreteer, prreem mate in the spring and summer. In the more temperate and consistent environment of a space station, prreem mate eagerly and often, carrying a maximum of two kits per litter. Mated prreem may form a family unit and become deeply attached to each other, with both parents being protective of the kits.


In the wild, mature kits often stay with the parents to extend the familial unit. Once a unit gets too large, one female will usually break off on her own to start a new family. It is important to touch and cuddle domesticated prreem as soon as possible to encourage them to bond with their owners. They must remain with their mother for the first 60 galactic days, after which they begin to hunt and consume solid food.

Growth Rate & Stages

Prreem kits reach maturity after approximately 150 galactic days. At the end of this stage, they will molt and their adult feathers will come in.


Mature prreem will be extremely energetic until they reach 10 galactic years, at which point they become infertile and enter old age.


During the transition from adult to senior, prreem will once again molt, with their feathers coming in more like the fluff of the younger kits. This second childhood marks them both physically and emotionally as they will cease to hunt. Senior prreem require care from their bond mates or they will starve. In the wild, younger prreem will bring food to the seniors in their familial unit based upon how deeply that family is bonded. A solitary senior prreem will die.


Due to this eventual dependancy, prreem are picky about who they bond with. When meeting a potential pet, it is wise to make sure you are at your best: well rested and alert. Approach the prreem slowly and fill your mind with thoughts of a bright and respectful future together.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Some prreem partners swear the creatures communicate telepathically, but this ability has never been proven.

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You don't choose a prreem. The prreem chooses you.
— Sreteeran adage
Feathered cat-like creature with dragon wings.
Prrem by Deleyna via midjourney
Want to lure one as a pet? Imagine all of the mischief you two will get into together. Fill your mind with love and creative energy. Don't think about how cute it is. Prreem want to be your hunting partner, not your plaything.
— A Prreem Pet Dealer
Geographic Distribution

Animatronic Prreem are for sale in the Spaceport Gift Shop.

Cover image: by Deleyna via midjourney


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