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Sreteeran (Shree-teer-an)

An omnivorous species that resembles Earth's owls. Size varies greatly among the species with some only a few inches tall at maturity and others reaching a height of at least 6 feet. Plumage varies dramatically between individuals.

Basic Information


Females are larger than the males. As flighted avians, they have a wing-span that approximates twice the height of the individual. Each wing ends in an extremely dextrous talon-tipped 4 fingered hand. Both feet are also 4 toed, taloned and dextrous. Both hands and feet have an opposible thumb.

Genetics and Reproduction

egg laying

Ecology and Habitats

Sreteerans prefer dwellings that can be reached only by flight: trees, caves high up in cliffs, etc.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Omnivorous, they prefer to eat meat, preferrably fresh and taken in their own hunt.


Enlightenment and peace are highly prized among the Sreteerans. Also valued are technological advancement and exploration. Intensely curious about everything in the universe, they can be found on many worlds.

Despite the surface-level calm they exhibit, they are a deeply passionate people who pride themselves on the way they combine strength of body and mind.

You're looking ruffled.
— Sreteeran insult

The value of the hunt is critical to their life's worth, and when they find themselves in environments where it is frowned upon to hunt, they can become testy and easily angered. They take great pains to avoid this situation.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

  • extremely good hearing
  • excellent vision that improves at night
  • telepathic by touch

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