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Hathob (Hath-ob)



Basic Information

Biological Traits

Hathob are an evolved species of Howler Monkeys which live in The Brightwoods. Despite it's name, the Brightwoods is actually very dark. It's a sprawling and dense jungle, not much light gets through. After the events of the Aeon war the concentration of radiation and Qi in this area allowed the Hathob to evolve at a quicker rate to adapt to this new environment. Their eyes became a weakness and unnessary, Their ears became more conical and their hyoid bone in their throat enlarged further to allow for them to howl louder and longer, this accompanied with their adapted ears allows them to navigate through echolocation. They have such a heightened hearing they can detect infrasounds like heartbeats.   Maturity: 6 years Breeding age: 8 years No. of young: 6 every month Population: Plentiful Behaviour: Tempermental Diet: Vegetation

Additional Information

Social Structure

Community Structure:

Hathob live in very close communities reffered to as Troops. Troops consist of closely bonded Hathobs consisting of serveral families, typically beetween 15-40 Hatob in each Troop. The Troop is lead by the eldest female and male in the Troop. Troops tend to live not directly with but in close proximity to eachother, when more than one Troop is identified near eachother this is reffered to as a Clan.  

Roles in the Troop:

Each member of theTroop has a specific role to play, depending on their age and abilities. The adults our hunters, gatherers, or caretakers for the young. While the children play and learn to survive.  


They have developed a complex system of communication based on howls, vocalizations, and body language.  

Primative Culture:

As they have evolved they have developed a rudementary understanding of faith and worship. There lives a breed of Hathob much larger than the others, measuring around 10-12ft tall these golden coated Hathob have only been documented on a few occasions in various locations around The Brightwoods, while there isn't a consensus for their name they are generally reffered to as "Golden Hathob". The other Hathob defer to them and bring them tributes, food and oddities they find mainly. There is one document case by a Grey Wolf of what appeared to be a Hathob version of a dance while they paid tributes, hundreds of Troops gathered by one of the Golden Hathobs and they all let out howls that blended together to sound almost musical. While howling they swung around and ultimetly retreated back into the jungle.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Their ear and hyoid bones are known to be used in some wind based instruments along with some medical equipment like stethoscopes.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Hathob's are located throughout the Brightwoods but are concentrated around one of the main lakes deep within the jungle.

Average Intelligence

Hathob's are extremely intelligent creatures, akin to their ancestors the Howler Monkey they are on a similar level, but the introduction of stronger Qi into their evolution has increased their cognitive capacity and their sense of culture has bloomed.
34 Years
Average Height
Average Weight
25-30 kg / 55-66 lbs
Geographic Distribution


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