World of the Living

The World of the Living, also referred to as the Human World, Material World, or the Real World, is where living Humans reside.


The World of the Living is home to Plus Souls, the Quincy, and the Bounts. Hollows, which normally reside in Hueco Mundo, often visit the World of the Living to hunt Souls, which they feed upon.   The concentration of Reishi in the atmosphere is lower in the World of the Living than it is in Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. Shinigami and Arrancar can gather Spirit PArticles underneath their feet to stand, walk, or balance in the air, while Plus Souls are able to float around at will. The area in the World of the Living which has the highest concentration of Spirit Energy and has the highest rate of attracting spiritual beings is referred to as the Jūreichi. The exact location of this area varies over time.   Shinigami are regularly stationed in the World of the Living. The duties of such Shinigami include finding and sending Plus Souls to Soul Society and slaying Hollows in order to protect Humans and Plus Souls. Shinigami stay in the World of the Living for a set period. On occasion, groups of students from the Shin’ō Academy are sent to the World of the Living to gain experiences in the duties they will have to perform when they become full-fledged Shinigami, an example being the soul burial practice conducted by Shūhei Hisagi, Izuru Kira, Renji Abarai, and Momo Hinamori. Members of the Onmitsukidō are known to have visted the World of the Living as well.   When Shinigami come to the World of the Living, their Reiryoku can unduly influence the local population if they do not keep their power under control. Failure to exert such control can awaken the powers of living Humans who have some spiritual power. Shinigami are bound by Soul Society's laws not to harm or interfere with Humans. Captains and Lieutenants who travel to the World of the Living have a seal placed on their powers, referred to as a limiter, which can contain up to 80% of their power, although it can be removed in the event of an emergency. This restricts their spiritual power to a level at which they will not accidently influence the Human inhabitants.


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