A condition considered monstrous or "unlucky" by some
  The Opposing School is suspected to make children disappear if they do not comply with the guidelines put forth. This includes disclosing secret information to parents, family, or friends, snooping where not allowed, and otherwise defying orders.


While the state of Disappearance has not been confirmed by any teachers or officials, there have been cases in which children have never been seen again, causing other kids to believe that they disappeared.


While the symptoms are unknown, there are many theories on how disappearance works.   Some believe that the children physically disappear but still exist as spirit-like entities that roam the earth beside normal humans but cannot interact.   Some believe that the children are poofed away into nothingness and are considered dead or no longer in existence.   Some believe that they are taken away to a secret place and locked up forever.   Some believe that they are abducted by aliens and taken to a distant planet.   Some believe that the children are sent away in a time machine to a different age.


There is no known treatment for disappearance. Once a child goes missing, they will never be recovered. Some do have a sliver of hope that their fellow kids could be found, but attempting such a rescue mission will most likely prove impossible or even result in the attempted rescuer disappearing themselves.

Affected Groups

Only children are known to disappear in this way, though it is suspected that once a child grows up, if they do not choose to continue life in the Opposing School as a teacher, mentor, or other employee of the company, they are still at risk of disappearing.


To prevent disappearance, children remain on good behavior, vowing to follow all orders of the Opposing School. They do not snoop where they are not allowed, and only tell their parents what the organization desires them to tell.

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Affected Species


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