WorldEmber 2021 Pledge document

I, SailingOcelot, pledge to try and complete 10,000 words for WorldEmber 2021.
Knowing that life can be tricky, if I don't make it 'til the end, I pledge I'll keep going at my own pace 'til I get there!
Will you support me in my endeavours?
~ Sailing Ocelot
This year I will continue to be working on articles based on the science-fantasy world of Sea Hears, which is where my visual novel is set.
I hope to expand on the current lore and provide further details not only on the world, but the game too!


Name Role Ethnicity Aimed Word Count Current Word Count Completed?
Abraham Zhang Potions Master Unknown 200
Alison Wight Global Education Teacher Federation 100
Bria Sol Languages & Laws Teacher Southern Islands/Midlands 100
Duncan Student Federation - Brivanne 300
Eleanor Student Cantari - Koven State 300
Empress Méigui Empress of Cantari Cantari 200
Grub Student East Federation 300
Havern Study of Magical Creatures Teacher Northern Islands 100
Heskt Fort Wushu Teacher Midlands 100
Hui Shu Defence Teacher Taruan Merfolk 200
Joe Kind Life Skills Teacher Edgard 100
Marine Unknown Faru 200
Mr Blane First Aid Master Sanguin Tribes 100
Mr Shene Global Education Teacher Cantri 100
Ms Huang Life Skills Teacher Taruan 100
Nekhii Defence Master Médevek 300
Professor Kukdaan Unknown Unknown 55
Professor Nephish Transformation Teacher Federation - Brivanne 100
Qing Chen Artist Taruan 250
Rivern Monaghan Student Faru 100
Ruru Land Master Northern Islands/Taru 150
Seven Teacher Unknown 100
Shu Yang Transformation Master Cantari 300
Shui Ling Calligraphy Master Southern Islands 300
Silver Student Federation - Fanforom 200
Tordo Concubine Federation - Fanforom 100
Mrs Wang The Theory of Magic Cantari 100
Optional extras: Soooo many characters to write about! Total aimed word count: 4,405    


Title Aimed Word Count Current Progress Completed?
Countries 3550 0 Not yet!
Cantari - Offshoot articles 500 0 Not yet!
Úra 500 0 Not yet!
West Elgarth 200 0 Not yet!
East Elgarth 200 0 Not yet!
Fanforom 200 0 Not yet!
Brivanne 200 0 Not yet!
Koven State 100 0 Not yet!
Southern Islands 100 0 Not yet!
Northern Islands 100 0 Not yet!
Middle Lands 1000 0 Not yet!
Further on the M. Tribes 100 0 Not yet!
Kelmin 100 0 Not yet!
Taru (offshoot articles) 250 0 Not yet!
Total aimed word count: 3,550  

Taru International Academy Buildings

Name Aimed Word Count Current Word Count Completed?
Library 300 0 Not yet!
Yellow Dragon Dormitory 200 Not yet!
Azure Dragon Dormitory 150 Not yet!
Vermilion Bird Dormitory 150 Not yet!
White Tiger Clan 150 Not yet!
Black Tortoise Clan 150 Not yet!
Petting Zoo 200 Not yet!
The Fountains 100 Not yet!
Block A 100 Not yet!
Block B 100 Not yet!
Block C 100 Not yet!
Block D 100 Not yet!
Block E 100 Not yet!
Total aimed word count: 1,900  


Classes Aimed Word Count Current Word Count Completed?
The Theory of Magic 300 0 Not yet!
First Aid 55 0 Not yet!
Seafaring  N/A N/A Not yet!
Wushu 150 0 Not yet!
Transformation 100 0 Not yet!
Defence Against Magic 200 0 Not yet!
Global Education 150 0 Not yet!
Life Skills 55 0 Not yet!
Land Exploration 100 0 Not yet!
Study of Magical Creatures 300 0 Not yet!
Languages and Laws 100 0 Not yet!
Performing Arts 100 0 Not yet!
Herbs and Potions 100 0 Not yet!
Total aimed word count: 1,710    


Club Name Aimed Word Count Current Word Count Completed?
Swimming Club
Fire Dancing
Drama Club
Wushu Club
Riding Club
Medevék Cultural Exchange
Ice Dancing
Reading Club
Diving Club
Languages Club
Casting Club
Total aimed word count: Unsure    


Title Aimed Word Count Current Progress Completed?
The Concepts of Magic 700 0 Not yet!
Illusion 100 0 Not yet!
Destruction 100 0 Not yet!
Building 100 0 Not yet!
Transportation 100 0 Not yet!
Law-making 100 0 Not yet!
Restoration 100 0 Not yet!
Calling 100 0 Not yet!
Calligraphy 100 0 Not yet!
Secret Magic 1 100 0 Not yet!
Secret Magic 2 100 0 Not yet!
Werewolves 100 0 Not yet!
Shapeshifting 100 0 Not yet!
The Art of Doing 200 0 Not yet!
Reading 100 0 Not yet!
Casting 200 0 Not yet!
Potions 100 0 Not yet!
Note - Could also include gifts. Total aimed word count: 2,500  


Title Aimed Word Count Current Progress Completed?
Other Articles... 5150 1126 Not yet!
Clubs 500 0 Not yet!
Holidays & Holiday Plots 500 0 Not yet
Magi N/A N/A Yes!
Magi Council 100 0 Not yet!
Ships, Sea and Serpents 500 0 Not yet!
School Clans 500 0 Not yet!
Homework 500 0 Not yet!
Plot Introductions for each year 1000 0 Not yet!
Spellbook 350 0 Not yet!
Taru International Academy N/A N/A Yes!
Total aimed word count: 5150 Optional extras: Plenty!   Estimated total: Definitely over 10 k :)  
It would greatly encourage me if I were to know what kind of articles followers of Sea Hears would be most interested in reading.
Thank you for all of your support, Sail On!

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26 Nov, 2021 11:29

Such a comprehensive list! Good luck with your goal ^^

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Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
26 Nov, 2021 12:00

Thank you very much Eallixy :)!

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27 Nov, 2021 11:57

Good luck! You have so many things to choose from! :D

Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
28 Nov, 2021 00:50

Yes! A lot of these articles could provide some further lore for players of the visual novel, so it will be nice if I can tackle at least 10k worth of writing some of them this month! :3 Thank you Emy!

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Samantha Guerra
30 Nov, 2021 22:36

Oh, wow! This is #OrganizationGoals, for real. :D Best of luck to you this WorldEmber.