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Hoo-lee / Hoh-lee

My father had become a husk of what he once was. For a life of such richness, it was cruel that it had to come to an early end. He couldn't see me as I walked by, and ominous streaks of gold showed through the veins of his paled skin.
Ponal Qichklio?
  Holi is a deadly condition that all Coulqepluex? eventually succumb to. Holi is, in fact, responsible for the people's notoriously short-lived lives— always striking them down in their early thirties. It is an inevitability that many have come to accept.

Extra Info

~6 months

A Gold-Flecked End

There is no preventing oneself from being afflicted by holi— besides, of course, not being Coulqepleux. Otherwise, it is inevitable.  


The first symptom to appear is frequent fatigue. This will become more frequent and more drastic as time goes on, and it is during this period that most begin writing their wills and transferring their businesses— as they will soon be unable to. Within the following two to three months, one will begin to lose their memories. Then, replacing them, will be strange memories of floating within a great, bottomless abyss— as strange gaseous forms glide past, comprised of unseen colors and forms.  
The longer I stayed by his side, the stranger the things he said became. It was quite unnerving, and I wished to leave him to his fate— had he not specifically requested I bear witness to his slow death.   He spoke, staring off into nothingness. "I...I see them. Again! Oh to rejoin them in the abyss, to float endlessly again— I should think I shall join them soon."   I kept my arms folded, and tightened my grip until my nails dug into the flesh— the pain reminding me to stay, for his was worse.
Ponal Qichklio
  Some time after experiencing these memories, blindness will set in. The afflicted will slowly stop moving outside of the occasional spasmodic twitch— as if they believed themselves to posses an entirely different anatomy.   Their skin will pale, much weight will be lost, and flecks of gold can be seen running through their now visible veins. Within weeks of these symptoms appearing, the afflicted person will cease moving, and at last draw their final breath.

An outside worship

A small, estranged group of people devoutly worship the condition— a cult known as The Blood of Holi.
  None among the group's ranks are themselves Coulqepluex.   Instead, they will kidnap or trick afflicted persons into their custody.   As such, they are considered a dangerous cult, and authorities are constantly on the lookout for their members.   Some, even, going as far as to join their ranks in order to discern where and who they will strike next.

Cultural view

Holi is seen by the Coulqepluex as a fact of life, and due to its religious significance, they try not to let it bother them too much. It is moreso their non-Coulqepluex partners, friends, and acquaintances who are saddened by their slow deaths.   The bodies of those who die to holi are taken to Lake Chluetichlon? and floated out on a small boat, before being lowered into the depths. Often, a large number of bodies are dumped at once, somewhat unceremoniously to the outside eye.  


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