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The hulking, alchemically modified beasts known as heul are used to carry the goods, people, and soldiers of the patched and warped nation that is Louh.

Engineered From Birth

Louh, with its alchemical prowess, has developed many alchemical formulas for various purposes— one such formula remains a closely guarded secret— the formula for creating a heul. Heul are created by master alchemists— who are hired for their services— as it is a delicate process which cannot be performed by mere hobbyists.
  A large pack animal is taken as a "base," and alchemically modified into a heul. The base creature used varies; some desiring speedier transport will choose qukix, those wishing to transport as much as possible will modify oxen, and vengeful sadists may go so far as to warp other humans.
Any large beast will do, and requires transfusions of growth-inducing alchemical concoctions. I like to use a fine mixture including the ground and boiled wombs of various creatures, seeds from various plants, and the crushed heart of a deceased heul.

  This concoction is not some fantastical liquid that produces instant growth, no, one must administer these transfusions to the creature from birth through its first or second year— and no longer— else their bodies collapse under their own weight.

  Do not forget to feed them the mineral-based concoction which hardens and strengthens their skeletal structures when they are developed enough to drink. Exactly which minerals you use can vary, take time to study and practice on other creatures to find the balance you want in your brews.

  Skin from a Gokh is boiled and brewed into a potion that strengthens the skin— you can find this within the black markets of Kohd, as there has been much infighting among their tribes. Only a small amount is needed, measure carefully, or the beast will be unable to move.

  The eyes of a feline— left sealed in a jar of salt water for a number of days— will allow them to navigate in the dark, and the dried brains of nocturnal creatures will enable them to press on at night. Be wary— as they will require a day or two of rest at the end of their journeys in return for this stamina.

  In my creations, I like to brand them with a little flair— using contuil yellow in a potion mixed with the skin of the base creature— turning their skin slight hues of yellow. You may desire to attempt something similar once you become a master in your own right.
— Aigur Reunnshech, teaching her apprentice Kyneu


Fit for Many Tasks


Heul are used for many tasks throughout the mad nation; Qukix based heul are used to deliver messages or are used by the military for scouting parties, tough and hardy heul will be used by the military as weapons, and stockier, plodding creatures will be used to transport cargo and even people from place to place.

  Some major pathways even have large heul-drawn wagons and carriages patrolling on a regular basis, offering ease of transport for citizens and alchemists seeking far-off materials and research. A variety of niche uses exist as well, many alchemists will have a personally designed heul to carry their supplies and aid in their work. Enthusiasts breed and warp Qukix for races, and some simply create heul as pieces of art.
40 - 60 years
Average Height
6 - 9'
Average Weight
10,000 - 14,000lbs
Average Length
20 - 30'

War heul

Tough, and specially mutated as weapons— war heul are devastating in battle. Many will be changed to develop tusks and claws, their skin and bones toughed and acting as armor— they are extremely difficult for Louh's enemies to kill.
  Imposing round wooden structures— akin to cupolas— will be constructed and placed on the creature's back, allowing soldiers to steer it, and attack from a vantage point.  
  However, they live short lives. Alchemy has its limits, and too many changes to a creature's body will greatly weaken it and lower its lifespan.

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