Another World: Umqwam

You dreamt last night of a great empty expanse before you, endless. Downwards you found comfort in the branches of the great tree— Umqwam. You backed away from the edge of the great stone nest and unholstered your revolver— its chamber softly spinning with magical energy. You let out a yelp of glee, firing purple smoke into the air above you.   You have faith that everything's going to be just alright.
  Umqwam is another world I've created for WorldEmber this year! Don't worry, I intend to work on it alongside Qet throughout December! Qet will remain my primary focus still, Umqwam is a looser world where I can be a bit sillier, and fall back on for challenges and when the mood for writing of that sort hits me. The basic summary: Umqwam is a fantasy western.    If you're into that, or curious to see where it goes, mosey on over!
An Introduction to Umqwam
Generic article | Dec 20, 2019


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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
27 Nov, 2019 02:36

Ooooo down the rabbit hole I go.

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