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The following page contains information on the various contributors to Pretheya.  


The various scrolls, mirrors, fancy spoilers, and opening doorways used on the site are all the creations of Stormbril. I did not make them myself, and frankly, can barely understand the CSS that makes them work, so can't answer any questions on their functionality; nor can I distribute the code used for them. If you want to acquire these amazing goodies for yourself, you can find them on his page here. You should also check out his world, Cathedris, for examples of more mindblowing CSS.  




The Spanish Cat
Hax is responsible for a number of CSS contributions to Pretheya. He created a lot of the very early CSS for the site while I was still learning how to code, and has continued to provide advice and assistance up to the present. I almost certainly could not have gotten started without his help, so he has my eternal gratitude for that.


Unhinged Starsector Modder
I have Demto to thank for assisting me with the development of lore for Pretheya for nearly two years now. We have had uncountable hours of lore discussions, which have lead to some of the most deranged aspects of the setting; such as the Cloudboughs in particular. He is also directly responsible for the idea of Theos.


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