Every adventurer needs a weapon, but not all weapons are equal.  

Expertforged weapons

Expertforged weapons are weapons any decent blacksmith is able to make. They are less common than normal weapons due to the costs involved.  

Masterforged weapons

Masterforged weapons are weapons that go beyond what normal blacksmiths can do. Only master blacksmiths can forge these weapons. Due to the amount of time and effort, these are absurdly expensive, but the people who can afford them swear by them.  

Enchanted weapons

Enchanting weapons is a common way to improve the weapon. While it is more expensive than expert- or master-forged weapons, the possible damage goes way beyond it. Be warned though, the best enchantments are incredibly expensive.  


  Any adventurer needs to know what weapons are available. While it varies per shop what's available, these are the common weapons and prices.

Cover image: The Blacksmith by Kenny Luo


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