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Expertforged weapons

Expertforged weapons are weapons that go beyond their normal counterparts. While any decent blacksmith can create them, it takes more time and effort to create them. This means they're more expensive. The bonuses are not counted as magical.   While expertforged weapons are considered highly valuable, Masterforged weapons are considered the cream of the crop.


If the points are not equally spent (e.g. 1 to hit, 2 damage), a price multiplication of 1.3 goes on top of the table for the last point. The base price is the price of the weapon without modifications, with a minimum of 10 gp. The price in the table is per point.   Example Klog Strongmaw wants to upgrade his greataxe. He's adding 1 point into to hit and 2 to his damage. Base price of a greataxe: 30 gp  
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