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Game Mechanics 1: Skill or Mark Checks

Most game situations will resolve through conversation, with intermittents Skill, Mark, or Base Checks made when necessary. Players advance their Skills and Marks by acting on them during the sessions, so the Director determines when such rolls are required. Such checks occur in the story when their success/failure affects the Conditions of a scene, the Director deems them necessary, and the Persona has no opposition to it.    A player may 'practice' any skill, but they will automatically succeed. That is the purpose of practice.There is no need to roll dice; you just do it. Note that such practice does not improve a skill; the skill must be used practically, in pursuit of the story, to be able to be advanced. However, the routine of practice does achieve the objective of 'time taken during a session' to qualify for pursuing a Treatise, and if still located in the location required, as Training, both with Director approval.   To make a Check, calculate the Double UP (DU) and Double Down (DD) values for the intended skill. Double the Skill value for the DU, and Halve the Skill value for the DD. Use percentile dice to roll against the skill, and consult the list below for relative success/failure of the die roll. Unopposed checks use BASE values, while opposed checks are maed at CORE value.  
  • COMPLETE FAILURE: A roll of precisely 100% means the Action fails. This applies even to Mastered Skills (95%)
  • ABJECT FAILURE: A roll of 96-99% is always a failure. Represents a statistically significant event of a negative nature.
  • BLOWN ROLL FAILURE: A roll higher than the Double Up value. The Action Fails.
  • DOUBLE UP (DU) SUCCESS: A roll higher than the Skill BASE and lower than or equal to double the Skill BASE results as a DU. The Action partially succeeds.
  • SKILLS SUCCESS: A roll equal to or less than Skill BASE and more than 1/2(Skill BASE). The attempt succeeded as intended.
  • DOUBLE DOWN (DD) SUCCESS: A roll equal to or less than 1/2 Skills BASE value. Also known as a WILD success. The Director will enhance the result accordingly.
  • PERFECT SUCCESS: A roll of precisely 1% is the best possible outcome of any action.
  EXAMPLE: A player's Persona with a BASE value of 26 has a skill they wish to use. To prepare for the skill, you determine the DU (Double UP) to be 52 and the Double Down to be 13. Under these conditions, roll; a roll of double-ought(100%) would be a Critical Failure. A roll above a 95 would be an Abject Failure. Any other roll above 52 is a BLOWN ROLL. If the die roll is above 26 and up to 52, it is a Double Up Success. From 26 down to 14, the die roll would be a Skills (or STRAIGHT) Success, a 13 or below would result in a Double Down or Wild Success, and a 1 would be a Perfect Success.
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