Nycos: Shards of the Prism Built on the frame of the Passages System Dark Shards SystemBook

Welcome to Nycos!   Feel free to look around. Much of the lore, stories, and data are available.   There are three tiers of subscription, driven by the support you provide through Patreon and your participation as a player in any of the current or past games. In essence, if you have been there or done that on Nycos, you can read about it, comment on it, and even, in the case of active campaigns, help directly create it.   The Patreon account has several tiers, and each offers benefits and access that are specific to them, and that amplifies the full access to Nycos. Click here for the Patreon Account.   Our Discord Channel also affords information about Nycos as well, and has text channels dedicated to the various active Campaigns, additional material that is only available to members of the Channel, and a few perks for those who help Boost the Server. Click here for an invitation to the Discord Channel.   Finally, as most of you may know, The Dark Shards is the currently prototypical rules set for the Nycos campaign set in the Passages RPG system, under development. To reduce confusion, I will be delinking that material, and porting it to the separate Dark Shards World. Click Here for Dark Shards.          
The works are all separated into books. It's an easy way to navigate once you get used to it.

The book covers below give the shortlist of categories they cover.

Cast of Characters is the information source about the historic People and Paragons of Nycos

Beginning Passages is where you start your adventures in Nycos!

Lore of Nycos provides players with the details that make Nycos - Nycos

Creatures! Beasts! details the creatures, monsters, and beasts that plague this Iteration

It's About Time! outline the way Chronomages, Timestreams, and Sandstorms work.

The Many Passages Beyond explains how Passages cross and how they relate to one another

Convert or Dice! Offers the way to play Passages with D&D 5e characters, and convert them

Current Campaigns is the repository of every living campaign on Nycos
Navigating Nycos is somewhat of an adventure in its own right, but by learning which books have what information, your search should be easier, and in time, it will become second nature.   This header page includes all the source links, to every book, and by extension, to every article in every category. So if ever you get lost, just hop back to the beginning.
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