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Ending The Session, Series, or Saga

The End is Just the Beginning

  Concluding any story is usually abrupt, occasionally painful, and rarely completed.  In the sake of one evening's session, it can be as simple as closing a book for another start at another time. For a Series, it can be more dramatic, drawn out, and emotionally charged. In the case of a Saga, a long-standing campaign of one adventure after another, it can feel like death, like some part of the participants is laid to rest, the story unfinished.   The greatest element of Passages is perhaps its intentional lack of a terminus. One need never cease progressing, cease advancing, cease being a part of a story.  But the Director must hold sovereignty in this area. If for him or her, the story is concluded, the game ends, and characters are freed from the confines of that single tale. With that in mind, the Director's decision is indeed final (there is no story without the storyteller).   The only reason that Passages needs this section, is to offer some recommendations about how to do so, to put an end to a story, so that the Cadre Members feel their part of the story's end feels right to them, that their efforts have had meaning in the story, and that the courageous and adventurous spirit of the players are not decimated by the process.

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