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Thurdis Shield

The Thurdis Shield is a type of shield created by Kyrok Granvor as a way to slowly infiltrate and infect the minds of the people from the Aonis Wilds.  


The shield is round and resembles the commonly used Yildris Shield by the Aonian militia. Both shields often bear the crest of the Aonian Rextro, however, while the traditional colours of green and silver adorne the Yildris Shield, these colours become red and black upon the Thurdis Shield.   The Thurdis Shield often has a faint magical glow when carried and held onto by an individual, growing stronger over the course of a week, until the glow is extremely powerful, while the wielder is not.  


In the late 500s AR, there were rurmors that the Archlich Kyrok Granvor was creating a weapon that would allow them to control much of the Aonian Army to take over Fieldas on the whole. This weapon was believe to have been swords and spellbooks that would become the destruction of many in the Aonis Wilds.   The true cunning and scheming of the Archlich only came to pass in 586 AR when an influx of new shields were granted to the Aonian militia. Some ten thousand soldiers were granted highly magical shields with a red and black variation of the Aonian Rextro crest, granting them protection from most attacks through magical means. However, this was soon to be there downfall, for six days after they each recieved and bonded with the magical elements of their shield. They all passed in their sleep, the shields now glowing with a dark and menacing red power.   After the Night of the Unwaking Soldier, the Aonian militia was dessimated, as the fraction of the army that was destroyed were the elite command and officers, leaving the majority of the army without much in terms of leadership. While the army was in disarray, the forces of the Archlich attacked the Aonian capital of Lysir. While the capital was defended by the people, the abanadoned shields were taken up by many of the forces of the Archlich and their true power was revealed, delivering swift exectutions to soldiers and commoners alike using the lifeforce of their own against them.   After the destruction caused by the conflict, the newly promoted generals of the Aonian Militia, and the mages of the Arcanus Providance dispelled the enchantments from many of the shields and destroyed what remained of them, citing it as a gargantuan funeral for all those who were lost, strengthening the Aonian people. Yet it is believed that several of the shields survived this systematic destruction and still can be found around the material plane to this day.  


The Thurdis Shield grants the a creature who is attunded to it resistance to all forms of damage, and creates an arcane ward that increases their armor class by an additional +3, as well as the shields normal benefits.   A fully charged Thurdis Shield can be used to cast the spell Shadow Blade creating an ornate and unique blade that deals an additional 3d6 psychic damage and 3d6 necrotic damage on a hit. Once this spell is cast, the shield loses its charge and requires the death of an attuned being through the curse.  

The Curse of Thurdis

For each day that a creature is attuned to a Thurdis shield, they gain a level of exhaustion as their life force is transferred into the shield through the curse laid upon it by the Proctor, this exhaustion cannot be removed whilst still attuned to the shield. A shield becomes fully charged if a creature dies as a result of their exhaustion.  

Art Credits

Thurdis Shield Main Image created with MidJourney
Thurdis Shield

General Information
Type Shield
Rarity Legendary
  • Dark Oak Wood
  • Silversteel
Attunement Yes
Historical Information
Creator Kyrok Granvor
Created 586 AR


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