Kyrok Granvor

Kyrok Granvor is the Proctor of Darksorn, the effective leader of the very dark and monstrous city state.  



Kyrok Gravnor resembles a decaying corpse with a set of feathered wings behind their back. The skull of Kyrok is a deep crimson colour and has an aura of heat eminating from it. He also has a set of three tails falling from their back.   Often Kyrok is seen wearing a dark selection of clothes that is designed to represent the roots of the city in worship of Azrovil. Beyond their arcane usage, they utilise a blade known as the Blade of Sorrows.  


Kyrok has been described as a unique and villanous individual, the writings of his youth notes that he experimented with several unique and dark rituals that were forbidden at the highest of levels. Many citizens of Darkson are not allowed to leave the city and are instead forged in the smallest of places.  


Born in Sovmora, Kyrok was innately arcane, becoming the youngest ever Arcane Maester. After a tragic event it is written that Kyrok searched for the way to increase the length of their life. By 650 AR it was written that Kyrok was vast in power enough to form his own nation for the creation of dark and distrubing magic to flourish, including experimentation on people.  

Character Information

Kyrok acts like a powerful variant of a lich. However, there are some unique links to divine magic and the infernal notions of the realm, making for a unique mix of various classes and powers.  

Notable Items

  • Blade of Sorrows – This blade was forged by a widowed blacksmith and enchanted by Kyrok with the infusion of ancient and dark magics to hold the souls of creatures that are slaughtered by the blade.
  • Tenebris Grimoire – A unique spellbook forged with darkness, the creation of this item is unique and unknown to most people.

Art Credits

Kyrok Granvor Main Image created with Heroforge.
Kyrok Granvor

Character Information
Name Kyrok Granvor
Age 372
Pronouns He/Him
  • Archlich
  • Proctor of Darksorn
Creature Type Undead
Race Human (former)
Alignment Lawful Evil
Places Darksorn
Sovmora (birthplace)
Languages Common
  • Proctor of Darksorn
  • Arcane Maester
Status Unalive


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