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Jade Palace (ʤeɪd ˈpælɪs)

Through the dense forest of the city, there is a large clearing. Something about the place seems calm, and yet approaching the clearing seems to reveal the grandeur and might of the wooden structure with many coloured glass windows. Yet something is strange, there is almost a shimmer around this Palace. Through the ripples in the water, of the reflecting pool, the jade exterior of the Palace is revealed, its magesty shining brightly for those able to squint enough to see it.
  The Jade Palace is the homestead of the Rextro, the governmental figurehead, within Lysir. The Palace is currently occupied by Rextro Hollis Ikran, their family and their staff, and has been since 604 AR.  

Building Description

From the exterior, the building is a strange combination within Lysir. At first the wooden pagoda seems to be like many other places within Lysir, the strange nature however is revealed by anyone who can visibly see the light cast by magic or the strange unique pool in front of the building. When viewed in such a way, the entirety of the pagoda is a shade of green similar to that of Jade.   The stained glass windows of the Jade Palace are unique in the realm of Nonvyrox, each seem to have an intricate design based on the tenets of Aonis values, the great battles throughout the history of the Aonis Wilds, and some of the myths spoken by the peoples of the Aonis Wilds.   The pool in front of the Palace is flanked by two large ballooning structures, each of these light up with a shade of sapphire blue during the night, providing an alternative form of light during the night time hours for the citizens of Lysir.  


The interior of the Jade Palace is elegantly designed with the wooden furnishings that are standard of Lysir, however there are several instances within the palace where the furniture is based on artefacts and ancient culture beneath the Aonis Wilds itself. These cultures are unique in that they were formed in the Age of Creation or earlier in The Dawning, what resulted of these people is unclear, but their culture has been adaptded and revitalized by many within the Aonis Wilds.   Several rooms feature ornate patterns woven into fabric rugs, these representing and even being bestowed by many of the ancient elven tribes that live throughout the Aonis Wilds. Despite a difficult history with the settlers from Vilura, the tribes and the settlers were able to eventually co-habitate and have produced great works. This union is on display best in the interior of the Jade Palace.  


There are several major rooms within the Jade Palace, each holding democratic, arcane, or relgious significance for the Rextro, Lysir, and the Aonis Wilds on the whole. Several of these rooms are avaliable to political allies that work with the Rextro.   There is a teleportation circle in the basement of the Jade Palace. This is designed to allow easy travel for the emissaries from particularly those nations in Heimter and Ossallimar, many of whom travel to visit the Lysir Archive of The Obsidian Forge.   The Palace also contains a large piece of unactivated Volarstone, it was placed there to remind the people of the hubris that nearly led to the end of the world during The Shatter. However, it is more commonly known as Lok'trovir, the Life Stone, for its unique poperties in allowing the nature in Lysir to thrive.  

Art Credits

Jade Palace Main Image created with MidJourney.
Jade Palace

General Information
Type Rextro Homestead
Occupant Information
Owner(s) Rextro Hollis Ikran
Staff 20+ staff members
Location Information
Plane Material Plane (Nonvyrox)
Continet Fieldas
Region Aonis Wilds
City Lysir


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