Volarstone (voːʊˈlɑrstoʊn)

Volarstone is a gemstone that when refined and enchanted, levitates in the air.  


Volarstone is a grey gemstone that a simple refinement process and very basic enchantment will cause to levitate. Once the stone has been setup in this way, the Volarstone is ablke to carry objects into the air, including structures. A skyship is given mounted with two large volarstone, with the largest skyships (Aernavis) requiring a unique mechanism from utilising the enchantment to fly.  


During The Shatter, the knowledge of how to utilise Volarstone was lost as all of the cities that utilised them to fly crashed to the ground. However, over the following centuries, Arcanists in Myvora were able to examine veins of the Volar Islands, from this they were able to extract small fragments of Volarstone to learn about the refinement process and enchantability of the material.   By 502 AR, the Arcanist Holdurin Val was able to produce the first piece of levitating Volarstone and affixed a small enchanted ring around the piece to produce a floating defense mechanism known as a Armis Stone. The specific enchantments were made known to the Myvoran council upon the death of Arcanist Val in late 502 AR. Once the council was aware of the enchantments they started the creation of the initial Skyships, this led the nation to becoming the world leaders in the development of Skyship technology.  

Art Credits

Volarstone Image created with Midjourney.

Historical Information
Plane Material Plane (Nonvyrox)
Location Volar Islands, Myvora
First Discovered During the Age of Creation
Physical Properties
Type Gemstone
Colour Dark Grey
Properties Hovers and glows when refined and properly enchanted
  • Essential component in the construction of Arcane Rudders, and Sky-Ships
  • Used to hold floating cities aloft
  • Allows Automata/Constructs to float


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