Warhammer, Nuada's Champion's

A Warhammer of such quality it is unmistakably a masterwork. Its balance and lightness allow it to be used with extraordinary precision and speed. It can be nothing less than magical to anyone who examines it. Any experienced fighter who uses this weapon easily feels the power it holds.  
The Warhammer is crafted of silvery steel inlaid with brass and gold. The inlaid pattern appears to be elegantly etched in, yet the entire weapon is smooth to the touch. As you inspect it, the words Gloria Nuada rise up from the filigree pattern across the Warhammer's head in clean lettering. The warmth of the grip thrills you. Despite its apparent size, it rests comfortably in your hand and skims through the air in easy, fluid arcs.


An almost perfect weapon that Nuada himself has blessed. This Warhammer is destined to be used by Nuada's champion. If a warrior distinguishes himself in prowess, is worthy, and is willing to be Nuada's champion then they may lay claim to this legendary weapon. Although it will act as a magical weapon for any warrior who holds it, to the right battle master a special attunement ritual may be done. With attunement, this Warhammer's incredible power be unlocked.

Nuada's Champion Warhammer by Leeland Artra

  Power comes with a price. This is no ordinary weapon, nor is it a common magical artifact. It is a link to the power of the immortals. The price for claiming the full potential of this weapon is that it can never be unattuned except by death or to pass it on to the next worthy and willing champion.  
I didn't swear to any immortal because I don't need them looking over my shoulder, imposing rules on my actions, or using me in their struggles.
— Magus Vestul, the Silent Mage

Unattuned Properties

This magnificent weapon can only be an item of power. As you practice with it you can feel its motion as if it were a part of yourself. Your ability to strike and deal damage is definitely enhanced when using it.
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  A worthy warrior and followers of Nuada will eventually learn of the attunement process. Only attunement to this incredible weapon will unleash its true abilities.   Spoiler: Attunement Process

Material Components

Attunement is achieved with the following required items:
  1. a druidic circle or an inscribed Celtic Rune Blessing Circle of at least 10ft diameter
  2. a copper brazier with 2 ounces of Olibanum incense placed just inside the circle on the north
  3. a stone brazier with 3 ounces of Myrrh incense placed just inside the circle on the south
  4. a gold brazier of Pine and Cedar chips arranged to burn slowly producing smoke placed just inside the circle on the east
  5. a silver brazier of 2 ounces of Dragon's Blood incense placed just inside the circle on the west


Before dawn, draw or go to the circle and prepare the braziers. Just before dawn, light the incense in the east, then west, then north, and finally south. Take position at the center of the circle sitting or kneeling facing the north and place the Warhammer on the ground before you. When the sun's first rays touch the circle, begin meditating while reciting the litany of promises and oaths of honor and faith to Nuada. Continue to meditate and recite until the sun's last rays leave the circle. Then stand taking up the Warhammer and practice with it for at least one more hour. Continue practicing and remaining within the circle until the sun has fully set and all the incense has burned out.   At the end of the attunement process, stand in the center of the circle holding the Warhammer high and call out its name. The first champion to attune to the Warhammer has the privilege of giving the weapon its permanent name. As you leave the circle hold the Warhammer in both hands.   Once named, the name will appear to anyone inspecting it as part of the inlaid work along the haft just below the head of the Warhammer. The name can never be changed, even if the weapon is taken up by or given to a new champion.

Attuned Properties

As the sun's last rays leave the circle you stand. You are tired and thirsty from the long day of praying and meditation. Still, you must finish the ritual. Looking down at the awesome Warhammer you start to bend to pick it up. But just as you begin to reach down the Warhammer leaps from the ground into your hand. Holding it you feel its power surging through you and you begin to move. At first, you are slow and cautious remembering the need to stay within the circle. Soon your confidence grows and your muscles loosen as you move around the circle practicing mighty blows and rapid parries followed instantly by full attacks. It is as if you are the Warhammer. You fight foe after foe, catch attacks that would kill ordinary warriors, block strikes that would break other Warhammers, and fight on. You feel the weapon as you feel your own hand, arm, or legs. It is part of you and together you are mighty.
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Known Weapons

Honor's Glory
Owned by the might paladin Harbek Dankil who was last seen in Sendel Village, Aelargo.


A warrior who holds an immortal's trust so deeply is revered amongst druids, temples, and governments.
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Item type
Weapon, Melee
A Legendary Weapon, Nuada has created very few for warriors who have fought in his name.
1 lb
4 ft long
Base Price
Technically priceless. But, anything can be bought for a price and such weapons are rumored to have been bought for 30,000 Crowns (120,000 GP).
Raw materials & Components
Such Warhammers start as ordinary or mundane weapons of excellent craftmanship. Then Nuada uses powers and knowledge only the ancient great scientists understood to magically transform or transmute the weapon into the exotic set of alloys that provide the incredible power, hold the incantations, and provide the extreme durability of the final Warhammer.
Such tooling cannot be achieved by hand, the level of detail and complexity of creation requires powerful and complex magic.


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