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The Two Moons of M'Brell

The Traveler
This silver lit moon is clear and bright, having a 28-day cycle around the planet of M'Brell. Farmers look to The Traveler to time the sowing and reaping of crops. Some cultures use The Traveler to mark the beginnings and endings of their months or seasons. When the The Traveler shines brightly, he guides the way for all who travel at night by foot, mount, caravan or ship.   Astrologers, Druids, Shaman, and Witches look to "him" to time events and make predictions. The Traveler is associated with mundane events that require timing and repetitive action.  
The Dark Lady
M'Brell's second moon is dark, has a 77-day cycle, and aborbs the light of Sonne, reflecting very little light back. Only those with extremely keen eyesight can see her outline, and usually they can only do so scarcely. The best way an observer can see The Dark Lady is if "she" eclipses Sonne by transit and right ascension, or if her orbit casts an umbral shadow upon The Traveler's and/or M'Brell's face. Astronomers with powerful telescopes report that they can see volcanic fissures upon the face of the Dark Lady.   Astrologers, Druids, Shaman, and Witches look to "her" to time events and make predictions. Some cults look to the Dark Lady to inform them of when proper sacrifices are to be made. The Dark Lady is associated with supernatural, metaphysical, and/or catastrophic events that are important, covert, and impactful  
Astrologers are paid handsomely for their abilities to predict events, from the mundane to the supernatural. They chart the transitory positions of The Traveler, The Dark Lady, and Sonne and the geometric aspects they make to one another in order to do so.
The Traveler
The Dark Lady
The Dark Lady eclipsing Sonne
Double Eclipse by Denis Villeneuve

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