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Author's Pen

You know there was an ancient Proverb dating back to a time immemorial "The pen is mightier than the Sword." While the person who originally coined this proverb meant that writing is more effective than military power or violence, here in the Nexus and beyond, it takes on a whole new meaning. You want to know what I mean by that? Let's just say there is a relic created long before you or I were ever conceived of that literally allows you to write your own reality. Piqued your interest? Go ahead and take a seat while I tell you about...

The Author's Pen

The Author's Pen is a highly enigmatic relic with the capability to alter reality itself to your wishes. Using the Pen, you can even break and change the laws of reality. Because of the power the pen holds, the ancients shattered it into 5 fragments that each hold a fragment of the power the completed version holds. They then handed the relic off to 3 separate individuals. Only 3 of them were even aware of its power when they were handed it.


This seemingly ordinary black pen was originally rediscovered in realm ID 1272. The black pen can be identified by the strangely ornate marking that seems to be on the pen's tip. Since its discovery it was split into 5 fragments each with a portion of its true power entrusted to a few choice individuals to protect it from those who would abuse its power. 3 Notable holders would be: Jay, one of the two Chosen Creators for Realm System 20XX, Agent 507, a known associate of the Ancients, and the Rift Born Lucille Maxwell.


The Origin Of the Author's Pen is almost entirely unknown. There is a theory that every law that exists, every world that was formed, every person born, all was written into existence by this mysterious relic. What we do know for sure, however, is that the Original Pen was already shattered into its fragments sometime before the 4th age, since at the start of the 4th age, one of the Ancients handed The Watcher one of the fragments for them to use to bring life to their realm system. Sometime after the experiment fell through, The Watcher went and used the pen to create another copy of it, binding the original copy inside the code of his adopted Daughter Kizuna AI. A few months later, Another copy of the pen was handed off to Agent 507 to keep it safe from those who would abuse its power. Several quadrillion eons later, Enigma appeared to a young Lucille Maxwell after recognizing she only writes down info she learns, thus making her ideal to protect the pen hopefully without ever realizing what she holds. After the Collapse of the Old Aetherium Dawn and the Birth of the New Aetherium Dawn, Caleb Harris showed up to Lucille. He had her use what she had to save and resurrect "Brandon" from the collapsed Old Aetherium Dawn. As of the current era, Kizuna handed her copy of the pen off to Efreet, making her the newest holder of that eponymous artifact.


The pen derives most of its power from the Aspect Universius or Universal Truth. Anything that is written with the pen and its required ink is guaranteed to occur; usually, the moment the ink dries on the page. Caleb Harris, the Chosen Creator of realm system 8426, put it quite eloquently with his "Laws of the Metaverse":
Laws of the Nexus.
1. What the pen says goes.
2. If it conflicts with rule number 1, Ignore it.
— Caleb Harris Chosen of 8426
This functionality has allowed for rewriting the very laws of nature and change everything that is supposed to happen, mostly intentional, but sometimes entirely unintentionally. The most notable unintentional use of the pen was when Jay's Avatar accidentally caused the End war to happen several eons ahead of schedule. In an example of intentional use of the rule-breaking nature of the pen, Jay's avatar used the pen to break a hole in the barriers around the nexus, allowing an ancient force to invade it. Why did he do that, you ask?
That is simply because the Watcher wanted to let them all fight a common enemy.
— ??????
The pen may be insanely dangerous in both the right and wrong hands, but if something is written on it that would be against what Mother wants to occur, what is written will just erase itself on the spot having no effect. Sadly it takes a LOT for Mother to get involved in the affairs of her children. So most of the time, anything that is written with the pen will work, whether or not its end result is good or bad.   What is written with the pen is law, but that also goes for what has already been written with it. So a simple way to reverse something written into existence by the pen is to write that it was reversed. That requires having the pen though to do so. That being said, there is an entity who has proven they hold the capability to reverse what is done with the pen, even without ever having access to it. Who is that? Thats a story for another time, remind me next time we meet to tell you the story of The Guardian.

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History is written by the victors, but those who do not know the truth are condemned to repeat the mistakes of those who came before them

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Welcome to the Genesis Chamber, the front door to the Nexus

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Current Holders
Agent 507
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Agent 507
David Auctor
Lucille Maxwell
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Unique Artifact


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