Creationite Energy Core

Creationite Energy Core

No matter what world you visit, what groups you meet, there remains a constant factor observed within all of them. The farther a civilization's development climbs, the more power it needs to consume. Once you reach Type 4 and above on the TCTACs scale, even energy sources such as Fusion which would seem nigh-inexuastible to a Type 3 turn out to be woefully ill-equipped to handle the power demands of Type 4 tech. Which begs to question what would provide enough energy to a civilization that makes the full concentrated power of a Star look like a AA battery in how little output they provide. The answer to that is actually quite simple. For those who have reached Type 4 Development and above, there is only one energy source that could hope to provide the necessary output: A Creationite Energy Core.

Project Members

  • Merlin
  • Enigma
  • Chairman Damien
  • Professor Allen Lee
  • Diana May
  • Mechanics & Inner Workings

    True to it's name, the CEC is powered by a small fragment of Refined Creationite. While it is not entirely clear how the CEC draws power from the fragment of refined Creationite, it appeats that the Creationite Fragment just provides power to the CEC for use with any piece of equipment using the CEC. However the CEC draws power from the primordial element encassd within it, one thing is clear: the amount of energy stored within a single CEC is extremely high. So high in fact that during Endurance testing, the CEC was able to draw a continuous load of 1066 watts every planktime, all without dropping even one percentage from a full charge.


    While it is not entirely clear where the designs for the CEC first came from, given the branding seen on all CECs found in circulation it would appear that all CECs can be traced to a singular common manufacturer: The Collective. Further research in the MDAs extensive archives reveal that the original CEC was a designed as part of a joint project between Merlin, Enigma, the Chairman Damien and Professor Allen Lee way back in the 500th year of the 1st era. Since the initial design, the CEC has become practically ubiquitous, with various different models made by The Collective for their differing needs.


    Since the CEC's inception, it has enjoyed a quick and widespread adoption, quickly becoming the defacto method for powering all sorts of technological equipment. It would not be an overstatement to say that many Post K3 Class developments would only have been possible with the CEC due to the extreme power requirements they require. As of recent, the CEC has become the standard for Type 4 tech, effectively making it as commonly used as an AA battery is to a Type 0 civilization. Everything from the HC device we provide newcomers, the modern WATCH, the Main Hub, the X-01 Exodus Transport, and even the android bodies my sisters and I use all rely on the CEC for their power output needs.

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    Creationite Core by LegendaryFawfulWaffle
    CTACS Tier
    Type V
    Reactor/Power Cell
    Tested Output
    1066 Watts per planktime
    Technology ID
    Item type
    Power Storage / Generator
    Creation Date
    Y500 Era 1
    While it may seem that CECs are insanely rare to Type 3s and below, to Type 4s and above, they are as abundant as the double AAs Type 0s used. Almost all technology designed by the Collective rely on the insane power output of the CEC to function properly. Ever since the CECs enterted full production late into th 2nd era, The Collective has mass produced the CEC and provided it for various applications, making it the most commonly used Energy Core post Type 3.
    Base Price
    15T GC
    Raw materials & Components
    Besides the apparent material component of Refined Creationite, the CEC uses proprietary materials manufactured by the Collective. While our contacts within the Collective neglected to provide the exact list of material components used in manufacturing the CEC, we took the liberty of running a material scan on a CEC we were supplied for studying. Upon completing the scan, it was revealed that only 2% of the CEC's elemental makeup was made of known elements on the periodic table. Another 5% appears to be Auramite, another proprietary material manufactured by the Collective. The rest of the components do not appear to be any element or compound we have knowledge of.
    Due to the fact the CEC is a proprietary energy core designed by the Collective, the tooling required to manufacture the item is considered Confidential information. Which unfortunately means we are not allowed to disclose how they are made.

    Cover image: Creationite Core by LegendaryFawfulWaffle


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